Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Interesting Today 5/4/11

how do astronauts poop in space?
you know you always wanted to know that! *note - i'm guessing the men use the suction tube for other fluid collection, too! tee hee!

the fuck it way

abortion in the united states - the facts

10 states with the highest female/male wage discrepancy
women! you don't want to work there

daughter: bin laden capture alive, executed later
?? lie or truth??

suzanne lee: grow your own clothes - ted talks
science is incredible!

is this christian really a former atheist?
via the friendly atheist

what will it take to end our destructive, pointless wars?
yeah... i'd like an answer to that, please. my suggestion... just END them and stop STARTING THEM!

japanese pursue geek dream - kissing via the internet
one step closer to the hollow deck!

south korean man found dead on crucifix
monkey see, monkey do

monstrously big ant fossil found in wyoming
very cool!

making medical miracles with inkjet printers
even more cool!

if harry potter doesn't exist, then who wrote harry potter?
via lol god

10 year old boy shoots neo nazi dad
so many feelings about this one

resisting the tyranny of the discontinuous mind
via toomanytribbles

america before and after 9/11
and we wonder why people are pissed

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