Monday, May 2, 2011

Interesting Today 5/2/11

because god wants it so.... just shaking my head, pissed once again

all they do is tell their base the opposite and there you go... the tea party

pay attention men

he will forever be etched into history because of it... and have 32,000 new friends

i want to be like spain!!!

.... and they will continue to do it forever

 what is this bullshit that we always hear that it's not guns that kill people, it's guns... yeah, but you give a hot head a gun and he shoots people. so much for good nra card-carrying people always being victimized by restrictive gun laws, this son, of supposedly good stock, can't even deny that he's an out-of-control freak who LIKES using his weapon for bad things. couldn't have had a better example why guns suck.
especially funny was the very last line "Remember, guns don't attempt to kill people, the sons of NRA presidents do."

very cool when shit like this happens!

with all the cheering and jubilation going on over bin laden's death, here's an atheist's  perspective on the subject. i understand her sentiments.

 duerson brain tissue analyzed: suicide linked to brain disease
i'm soooooooo glad my kids weren't into football

the past, present and the future of the hamburger

the traffic's bad in los angeles
good piece on sex trafficking

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