Saturday, December 21, 2013

Are The Ducksters Decent? You Decide
The Master Duckster feels safer with people who carry bibles.  My response? Get off your fan base exploiting pedestal!

Guess he never read or any of the other sensationalized stories of bible thumpers who have committed atrocities, nor bothered to acknowledge that the highest percentage of people in jail are Christians!!! The truth, as I see it, him trying to sell the fantasy about how morally superior Christians are and ignoring the truth about everything is about only one thing... what will gain him the most attention, the most followers and the most money.

The actual truth is religious people DO NOT have the market cornered on decency! If anything, they are worse!!! Aren't Christians supposed to tell the truth? Aren't they supposed to just be all about love? Aren't they supposed to be against being stinking, filthy rich? When he chooses to perpetuate lies based on a faith that only benefits him and his family, HE is the one who is is indecent!

I actually would have some respect for him and tolerance of his views if only he would act like a supposed honorable Christian would. But he won't and neither will his family, sitting pretty in their ever growing pile of money that will continue to sustain them... and their 'beliefs'.

But hey, your right to free speech... er, hate speech is protected. And you've got one thing going for you. The West Boro Baptist church is on your side. Aren't you lucky?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cotton Ball Happiness

Ryan McGinty
Every time I look up into the sky and see beautiful sunshine filtering through and around white fluffy clouds it sets a tone in my mind that pretty closely resembles ease, peace and harmony. I'm not sure if it's the sun or the majestic beauty of the clouds layering above the gorgeous nature below it.

There really is nothing else to do but smile and go.... Ahhhhh!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Drunk Writing

Here goes... something in a completely different fashion. No holds barred, decided to do something I normally, actually never do, write drunk.

I am currently extremely inebriated, 2 drinks and 4 different types of alcohol later... here I am writing. I've been told that Christopher Hitchens did his best writing while he had been drinking. This is my attempt. :)

The boiler-maker I'm working on now will mean 6 types of drinks. The goal of which is for you to determine if my writing is better or worse now that I'm under the spell of alcohol rather than just thought.

They say that only people who tell the truth are drunks, children and I don't remember the third category... and can't find it on my damn FB page right now either! Well I AM  drunk, listening to nature sounds and writing.

My problem is I don't know what to actually write about. So I guess whatever just pops in my head right now and that is.... also, I will edit like I normally would do.

I think I want to take another drink of the next boiler maker!!!! YAYAY!!!

Seriously, my sons are home. They are upstairs. SHHH! Do not tell them we are talking, they would be embarrassed that I'm even writing about them! Really. They do not want any mention, they want complete anonymity! Makes me wonder where I took a wrong turn along the way of child-rearing... actually not. When I consider the fact that I did not REALLY give them instruction on how to be REALLY free humans until I, myself, knew what that actually meant. Thanks, JT!! It will take some time before they unlearn all the bullshit I taught them before 2010!

Thinking about being true to myself, I really wish I would have been more ... jeez, this nature background is annoying! Just stopped it... now I only have the heater going at my feet noise. Yay! Make its easier to write this for actual publication and I will be publicizing this WHILE I'm drunk. hiccuping and all! And fingers kinda numb feelings.  :)

Android Device Manager! Get it! Seriously! It will help you locate your phone when you think it's lost, specifically when it's right next to you!! Drinking impairs your ability to find something because really you are clueless... really clueless!! I found it! My phone was not on me, but charging and now I have it, thanks to my son! YAY! I told him about my project/experiment. Good job, great that I can count on him to help me. True love. :)

Okay, let's us pretend we are actually talking about an actual subject.

I've just received an email about my Internet bill. $77.16. How much does anyone else pay?

Still have not received any input as to what people like to know more about. :(

Talk about multi=tasking - listening to a speech - David Tamayo from Skepticon 6, saying good bye to younger son, looking up bill from Internet/Phone service for cost and trying to understand what to write about?? I don't know what is multi-tasking??!?!?!

I'm sitting here talking to my son. He says lack of creativity whilst drunk.. he says it's too cold in here. I say, fuck it. I'm not cold, are you???

So what shall we talk about??It's not been a failure.I love my kids! I really do!!

Even when I'm really been grammatically correct. I love it. I'm not a mean drunk, nor am I vicious, just cute.  :) This has been an incredible experiment. My son, Sean, has been sitting here and watching me work, if you can call it work, and judging me... relentlessly. It's been fun and enjoyable. :)

Still waiting for others to provide a topic, not happening... yet, buy now I have a few. Nelson Mandela and his death. Still not sure that I can comprehend it happening as I'm really not even engaged... ya know. But I will speak to coming out.. as an atheist.

Being yourself... SO FUCKING IMPORTANT!!! I want everyone to understand that drunk or not, YOU SHOULD always be who you FEEL on the inside. Don't let anyone tell you who you should be or how you should feel. I'm so sick of others dictating what I know for myself! I'M not wrong, whatever the time should be in my life, about who I am at that moment. If I only let it be public, that is who I am and whether you like it or not, that is what I feel at that very moment. Take it for what it is, accept it whether you like what you are hearing or not. This is who I am.

This is the topic. Acceptance of what we decide to put out there. Like it?

If not, I fucking decide to not like you. Really, what is wrong with people being who they decide for themselves who they need to be when they are in a place of total acceptance of themselves? Really. It's like saying they don't matter when they finally reveal who they are to the rest of the world. YOU, person, suck, I say!! I may not agree with who they are and even feel a bit uncomfortable with their presentation of who they are, but I will not be upset with THEM when they decide... this is who I am! They give me the opportunity to decide for myself whether I want to agree or disagree, but in any sense, it does not mean I disparage their effort to come out and be honest with who they are! I hate that about haters. Fuck you for publicly saying that just because they don't measure up to what you think is appropriate, it's ok to dis them in public. How many times have you done things that are not ok, but we let you slide because we are afraid to say... YOU SUCK!!! Fuck you!

Ok, I'm done on that subject, next.

Coming out as... whatever. Be proud, be LOUD... soooo important!! YES!! Most definitely!!! I've kept my mouth shut for 48 years (until I felt comfortable around friends). NO ONE should feel as if they don't have a right to feel good about who they are. Many times, our friends and even family make us feel like we shouldn't just BE who are are. I'm tired of thinking that who I am is some how supposed to feel like I can't be who I feel like being. Our friends and family( and especially anyone outside of that cirlcle) DO NOT have the right to tell us how we are to act, feel or be. Period.

Subjects have been suggested on FB. How much do I know about addiction. I'm thinking it was facetious, as I'm doing this drunk. I don't think I'm addicted to alcohol, just so you know. Addiction does run in our family, unfortunately, but I like to say that I like to drink but it does not run me. Some of my relatives, blood or not, were run by alcohol, but alcohol does not run me... I decide whether I want to get beyond what it means to be an in control of my life situation. Currently, I WANT to be drunk because I think it will make for interesting reading. Other than that, it happens when I want to add to the fesitivies that are occurring and at times just because I've had a fucking hard day. THAT is rare. But when it does, I decide to imbibe to help feel relaxed. Alcohol does not rule my decisions, I rule the decisions that precede me picking up that drink. Done, next.

Rape complacency - not even sure what that means. I've never been complacent about my reaction to rape. Let me look that up. I'm drunk you know and not something that I've been associated with. Just so you know, I'm not complacent with the idea of rape. If someone is raped, anyone, it's wrong and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!! Period. If you disagree, why are we friends?

Nelson Mandela died today. I'm sad because he had a lot to contribute to the dialogue of freedom but also activism. He spent a shit ton of time in prison to give a voice to the injustice that not only he, but millions were suffering. Props to that man, sad to hear that voice was extinguished. We so need many more voices like his!!!

Criminality in our justice system - a friend of mine is currently going through a situation that affects his family in a rather bad way. His son, even though he feels is innocent, is having to endure what he feels is criminality in our justice system. And I would think, rightly so! The law enforcement system is doing what they think is correct, he is doing what he feels is correct and believe me, I side with him. I have a huge suspicion of people in authority. Many times they get it wrong. They may legitimately be trying to make sure they are doing it 'right', but in the process they hurt those who are really right and not actually the criminals that the law would like to make them out to be. This is why it is SO important to make sure that we continue to hold fast to the understanding 'innocent until proven guilty" edict and FACTS! Many of the people we'd like to convict in the jury of public opinion just are not guilty, even as much as the media would like to make them out to be. This is also where skepticism, and learning how to think that way, come into play. Stop judging people because of headlines. The people who report the news don't always get it right if they are going for sensationalism rather than just reporting what is understood at that time.

And lastly, a friend of mine suggested I comment on her posts. She had about 15 of them, I exaggerate, but they were ALL funny! So here's to her.. they were awesome! Thank you for the entertainment! We need more of her!  :) I say this not because I've been drinking, but damn... can't everyone just lighten up a bit?!?! I really enjoy all my Facebook friends who seem to have a sense of humor.

I'm getting soberer. My son is checking on me. He's leaving soon, eating is important you know. :) Geez the video he took of me takes so damn long to load up! You guys are going to enjoy this when it finally can get published.:) I just want you to know that I edited while I was drinking and not sober. I'm thinking I did a phenomenal job. LOL

This is the end of my blog. See ya! :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

On Being Accepting

Tolerance Without Anger/Frustration = Acceptance

Maybe one of these days I will truly get to that point of complete acceptance of others. When I'm engaged with people who struggle to change my point of view because they don't approve of it, I have a real hard time being tolerant. I've never been one to enjoy being told what to do or what to think. When I was much younger, I not only had absolutely no desire to understand how others did things differently than me, but I was also all about making sure they started doing it my way. In some instances, with my husband, I still insist! Just ask him. But he'll tell you it's ok, she's smart.

Maturing through life experience has helped me understand that this journey we all take is a two way street. There is much to be said for not always having things your way. When I learned that I wan't always right and love/harmony/peace was worth going for, well that helped me a lot when I was finally ready to accept that nugget of information. Having said that though, life and situations don't always go so smoothly just because you want them to. It takes effort and patience, something else that has taken me some time to add to the armor I wear on the inside.

I can't say I always want acceptance either. Many times it's because I'm truly not invested in that person. So, simply said, their acceptance of me just doesn't matter. In other instances, peace of mind comes from not engaging with someone I know is really only out there to start trouble for the sake of hearing themselves speak. For the most part I can tolerate and even be accepting of another person and their viewpoints, specifically when they respect me enough to understand I deserve the same treatment. However, I still struggle with the frustration of others dictating what I should naturally want to be according to them. They obviously are more of an authority of who the best Susi should or could be. That raises the hair on my neck a bit and sets my jaws to clenching. My TMJ is not pleased.

That last bit of not getting rattled, that's the one thing that I will probably work on until the day I die. It's that thoroughly independent streak in me I've had since I was little; old habits die hard, I guess. DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!! I imagine a small blonde wild child in my head saying this; this old bird feeling it through and through, still. This was and still is, literally, the hardest thing for me to not see red about when it comes up for me in my life. When I feel like someone is trying to control me either through their actions, words or tone, it sets me off. Try being accepting of that other person after that happens! It's not easy.

But I think we should try. When I look at this world today and even after I read about our history, there is some much we could gain if only we could drop the desire to control situations and other people. I want to attain more peace as I get older and enjoy life rather than struggle with people who have a whacked idea about how I should lead my life. I want to learn how to let go of the frustration and anger; in its place, maybe pick up some joy instead.

I really do appreciate the gushy warm feeling when I read the words and sentiment in the picture above. It reminds me that peace and acceptance emanates from us when we choose to look at those things that have nothing to do with control of another human. Appreciation of the humane-ness we all have to offer gives us that ease towards one another. We have to show it for one, but if we choose to see it in others then we can both feel better about our interactions. Somewhere inside we have to look for the peace in ourselves and others in order to have tolerance without anger and frustration. But there has to be a willingness... on both parts.

For now, I will say that I will do my best to achieve what I need... a calm interior that doesn't automatically jettison feelings opposite of what I'm trying to remain and attain. Namaste

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm Not A Car, But Insure Me Anyway

You've heard the line "Obamacare is being rammed down our throats! You can't mandate insurance on health care!" along with the follow up statement "You can only do that if you own a car or a house because it's optional! You choose to own either then you have to get insurance!" Applying their logic about cars and houses to humans would infer that we indeed can mandate insurance because our bodies are owned by us and we have no other option but to be here if we choose to be sticking around on this planet. Common sense would tell me their argument just went flat.

We are required by law to have insurance on a home or a vehicle should we choose to own either of them. Meaning we are responsible for any event that would potentially destroy those things or somehow affect them in a way should they no longer function properly. Insurance, any insurance, is designed that way. So why wouldn't it make sense to see that all people are insured? Isn't that the responsible thing to do, especially when we feel that insuring our houses or cars is the right thing to do?!?!? How many times have I heard someone complain about an uninsured motorist after a horrific auto accident when their insurance had to foot the bill, but yet the Affordable Care Act... its intention is bad. SMH

Being sick and not being able to take care of being able to function properly, in other words be healthy again, is exactly what insurance was designed to correct! If people have insurance they take care of themselves because they can afford to go to the doctor much easier than if they don't have insurance. Being healthier means less cost. It's not that hard to figure that one out. The burden on taxpayers is higher when sick people wait till they have no other option but to go to the emergency room and then can't pay their bills afterwards. But the financial impact, that's another discussion.

Back to my original point... Does anyone else own me? No. This is what the Constitution has protected: my individual freedom which comes from my consciousness inside my human form. It actively seeks my right to my pursuit of happiness and liberty in this country. Along with that I bear a personal responsibility to making sure the impact I have on this planet, financial or otherwise,would be as minimal to my fellow man as possible. Isn't that part of what accountability is about? Doing the right thing for oneself while doing right by others?

When we all debate this question about whether having mandated insurance is appropriate or not, I wish we would take this into consideration. It seems that many are. Those are the ones in support of the legislation. But I would ask those who are in opposition of mandated health care... How can we not be thinking this through and supporting it? It's just illogical and frankly inhumane on some levels.

Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm Going With Deluded

Artwork from mentally ill Russian patients
Suffering from delusions is a mental illness. People who believe in a god for whom there is no proof are delusional. Ergo - people who believe in a god have a mental illness.

Many would disagree, and my guess would be that as many, if not more, would enthusiastically agree the statement above.

Mental illness doesn't allow you to think intelligently or rationally. Actions following out of an unstable thought process are truly playing out on the flip-side of sane behavior, too. So another reason to support the notion that those who would believe in a god have a mental illness. I would tend to think (of course) that the overwhelming majority of believers do not pose a threat to us; rather are just annoying as hell. But should believers really be exempt from being considered mentally ill?

There are some who are truly suffering from a mental illness. We've all seen the headlines where religious fervor motivated their actions. Andrea Yates who killed her five children being just one of many such examples. This is just one of the many nationally publicized cases, the majority however are buried in the local news, never really telling the true story of how prevalent religion plays in such cases.

Our current understanding of how the brain functions has shown us that mental illness and the delusions associated with some mental illnesses can be potentially harmful to those suffering from them and to others who are in close proximity to experience that disassociation with them. Our society recognizes that we must take care (although frequently, not) of those vulnerable due to their inability to be rational when the delusions take over where reality should exist.

But for the sake of this argument now, I would say the overwhelming majority are just suffering from a conscious and intentional decision to hold that their belief is just a strong conviction despite strong evidence to the contrary. Exactly what the definition of delusion is, but in their case the delusion is one they welcome or one that has become comfortable for them because of childhood indoctrination; too comfortable or safe to let go of or challenge.

Challenging that strongly held conviction (which we as skeptics or atheists frequently do) that their delusion is real gives them the opportunity to double-down on that delusion. The stronger their reaction, the stronger hold that delusion has on them. And they will hold and fight that their position remains the correct one. As do we, I might add. But our position is always the one that will adapt with conclusive evidence. Something believers never do, even when presented with things called conclusive evidence or at something, at the very least, that should make them want to investigate further. Putting their beliefs on hold for just a moment to investigate the validity of something... unheard of; dare I say something that never happens? I've never experienced it. Please do tell me when it does.

Based on the definition of what delusions are, I stand by my interpretation when I call out all those who would say they believe in a god. As much as I love or like you as a person, or care about you as a human being, if you believe there is a god based on what we know so far about jesus christ or god... I think you are deluded. And I know there are close friends who would be upset (actually have been upset with me because I called them deluded) when they read this piece, but I would ask them to read their dictionaries and tell me I'm incorrect in my thought process. Again, this is not an assault on their character or our friendship rather on their thought process about an idea about a god. So cut me some slack... would ya? Your position on this subject is the only reason I even question it.