Saturday, May 14, 2011

Interesting Today 5/14/11

this will continue when hate is the biggest character trait they wear in public

am i missing something? - this is the year 2010, right? we're supposedly living in a civilized world?

atheist images - bible writers
oh, the irony! 

man decapites apparent stranger in canary islands supermarket
what is wrong with people?!?!? and guess what he muttered to himself before he decided 'off with her head' - some stupid religious spewing about god being there

deep questions about deeper thought 
critical thinking anyone? 

health insurers making record profits as many postpone healthcare
why is it when we are at our lowest, people tend to take more advantage of us? one word - GREED 

253 lbs: americans throw away their weight in food every year
didn't you grow up with your mother telling you to clean your plate because of all the starving people in the world?

heart bill, as always!! standing, clapping... nailed it!

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