Saturday, March 4, 2017

Just Waiting For You To Die...

... misogynists
... bigots
... racists
... willfully ignorant
... intolerant of others
... black and white world viewers
... self-absorbed people using any means necessary to promote their world view
... extremists, in thinking and in action, in any subject matter
,,, anti-intellectuals or anti-progress
... arrogant people
... manipulators

but what I hate most - the above indoctrinating our children! The only good thing is, the more of you die the less indoctrination that will occur.

Myself and others will continue to point out what is inherently wrong with your attitude, shut you down at every turn and ensure that others don't follow your way of thinking.

We promise.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Old Day, Same As The New Day

It's not a new year, it's just another day. Let's be clear. Nothing changes from one day to the next. If your 2016 was shitty, it will be so in 2017 UNLESS something affects your circumstances either by chance or actual intentional interventions.

I find it mildly irritating that humans like to pretend that a man-created calendar provides an illusion that things will just mysteriously change on their own. They don't. Or that because it's a new year your resolve will be stronger. It won't if you didn't have the determination to begin with. Please stop with all this nonsense of making resolutions at the beginning of the year. Fucking change your life around when you notice it sucks (if you can) or get help from others who will contribute to it being turned around. Maybe then at the end of the year you won't feel quite so sorry for yourselves and then be grateful that your life was actually pretty good all things considered.

And this thinking that "oh no, so many good people lost this year!"... well duh!!! People die, that's a fact! Are we shocked? Do we lament? Of course. Who wants their favorites to die? Is it all very sad? Of course. But this is life! We are born and we will die. We're not immortal, we're live human beings that will eventually cease to function. And news flash, it's only going to get worse as the heroes and idols we grew up with are getting older just like us. 2017 will probably be a higher death toll statistically, and it will include more of our own circle of close people. Let's start being realistic, people.

Celebrations to put the year behind us and usher in the new is a way for the human mind to get over the crap they had to deal with. Every year there are shitty situations peppered in, and at the end of the year there is a hope that the next one won't be as hellish. That's it. Call it what it is. But thinking that we're going to look back at less problem-free times in our lives and they will magically come back the next year is just wishful-thinking. Think about it. As we get older we are so much more exposed to situations that could turn bad, and we are also more responsible for things (usually, unless you're just an immature asshole or never been in that position where you could be) where there is a possibility of something going wrong. All these things continue to escalate UNLESS we make choices that change that to minimize problematic times for ourselves.

And life doesn't give a shit, so remember that. Bad things do and will continue to happen. You either are in the path of it or you are not. Prepare, and secure yourself and loved ones for those moments that are out of your control; then deal with them as best as you can in the aftermath.

Wishing you a  HAPPY NEXT DAY,try to understand it's not a guarantee.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Imperfect Word

Recently, a Christian friend told me she believed the bible is the "inerrant word of god". Naturally, a chuckle escaped knowing what I little I do know about the history of the bible, but enough to make it suspect as a credible source for a God, and specifically for a Jesus. I composed myself and proceeded to discuss what she believed.

We are all familiar with storytelling and how generations will pass down their knowledge from one to the next by word-of-mouth. Let's assume that the practice of oral tradition was used to pass down the information we find in the Bible. As most people were illiterate at that time when this Jesus supposedly lived, it stands to reason that most of what was compiled in that book is just mostly what 'stories' they heard. "Increasingly though, scholars are pointing out that the Gospels are entirely literary creations, and heavily borrowed from one another as well." says David Fitzgerald, author of Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All. There is also the evidence that scribes in some situations either didn't copy properly, and even inserted different meaning into what they were transcribing. They were writing, not transcribing.

Add to that, we only have fragments of this alleged inerrant word of God until nearly the end of the 2nd century. Again, fragments not complete books which to compare to the current books we do have full versions of today. The ones we do have complete books of - Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus - didn't appear until the 4th Century, and they differ from each other - and both differ from our New Testaments.

When presented with this information she didn't agree it was possible that the inspiration of God would change what was the truth, so the passing down of information would remain consistent.

Ok, let's say we accept that. What about the alterations by scribes, intentional or otherwise, when new texts were commissioned? She didn't know about the information about the fragments, but even that bit didn't deter her because the passing down of information was the truth and sacred. She agreed there could be mistakes by the scribes, but believed that ultimately, the information published in the good book today IS the inerrant word of God because what made it into the books was what He wanted to represent. The Word was accurate.

Now let's finish this to its logical conclusion. If this is was her reasoning, then it follows that prior to the establishment of the current text some of the text was not the 'inerrant word of god. That is what my friend was saying. What ended up being what Christians currently believe is the truth, through and through, no mistakes.

I guess my only question after that would be - Why did he fuck all the other people into believing something wrong? What is up with this dude? How is that loving providing your people with something that is possibly wrong?

Just one more reason to think this is all bullshit.

Friday, December 4, 2015

In All Things, Do Good

If you replaced this man with a truly kind, loving christian - it's the same message. Each have interpreted their holy texts (or had them interpreted for them by a truly kind, loving denomination/congregation) and taken nothing, but goodness from it.

What it boils down to is the text is subjective because there are mixed messages in each of those books they read. It's cherry picking. Either the individual IS good and WANTS only good for himself, other people and this world or the person IS bad, and wants only to dole out the same craziness and chaotic directives from that holy book they cling to.

And when I say good or bad, I'm speaking of their intention. Individuals choose the actions they take because of what their natural bent is, their care growing up and their life experience which has shaped them.

Would I prefer to have no religion, absolutely. Let's understand that a human being knowing where their intention comes from - themselves - is a far sight better than those who claim who they are and what they do comes from a god. Having said that, I would still rather have a deluded person intent on being a force for good in this world than an asshole who is intent on harming all others in the name of their religion.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

"We The People" NOT "Our God Is A Mighty God"

Just because you have a personal relationship with Mr. Skydaddy does not dictate the outcome for "We the People". Making a personal decision to be ruled by an invisible man doesn't equate to a legal responsibility for him to rule the rest of the country, believers and non-believers. Stop interjecting religious law into secular law!

And also, please stop being misguided to thinking this is a Christian Nation... it is NOT! Do just a little bit of research (this is just a small start to get you in the right direction), and you will find our forefathers were indeed interested in keeping church and state separated. We are a secular nation because the historical dudes realized true freedom comes from allowing all to express their beliefs in this country, but legislating it would give religion opportunities to make decisions in a process where faith and beliefs just don't belong.

Our country has a long history of religion trying to creep back into having a strong-hold.

Don't let it!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Christmas: Starbucks Style - It's All Good

Josh Feuerstein is at it again. He's doing his part to fuel the fictitious War on Christmas with his latest YouTube video. And apparently, some of you are following your leader.

Guys, do you not get that we don't give a shit about you celebrating Christmas however you choose? No one is forcing this tradition away, from you or at all! Starbucks and many other establishments want to include all and let them celebrate it however they want. Them changing their advertising eliminates nothing about how you want to celebrate Christmas.

"This year we wanted to usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories," said the company's vice president Jeffrey Fields."

Now, excuse me. I'm going to Starbucks and telling them my name is Happy Holidays to counter all the foolishness about this being some kind of battle instigated by the secular community to eliminate Christmas.

AND I'll let them know I LOVE their red fucking cups! #HappyHolidaysStarbucks

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Christians And Muslims Both Love The One True SAME God

You'd think there would be harmony when they have the most important thing in common - the big guy they worship is the same. Both religions have similar ideologies. Each want the same things. Their holy books (Bible, Quran) are almost identical. These cults may worship in slightly different ways, have traditions and rituals which are dissimilar, but in the end the god they all believe in is the same. 

Jesus and Muhammed - the two spokespeople for their religions, each proclaiming their god is the greatest of all, and the only one to be followed and worshiped. Think about that for a moment... take your time. 


According to both religions, if you truly do believe in the one true god, it's all good and you are safe. The ultimate goal of religion is the persuasion of the masses to believe in the righteous and holy one. It would seem they have succeeded in both camps!

So why such a need for animosity for the other and/or this incessant desire for dominance in the supernatural realm?

Seriously, why can't you all just get along? Because the only thing you are proving to the world is that it's really not about YOUR ONE TRUE SAME god, it's about wanting to establish yourselves in the position of being better than your almost identical counter-part.

And that's not godly, that's pretty fucking immature.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Duggar - Keep Digging, I'm Sure There's More

Josh Duggar is in the news again. Who's surprised by this? Not me!

Once again we feel all disgusted with him because he has shown the world that he is not only a child molester, but a cheat and a liar to boot! Add to that, he's a huge hypocrite doing all those sinful things right under the prayerful eyes of his wife and his family. He even admits that. Good for him. And honestly, as soon as the news was confirmed in both instances, good on him for not squirming out of it. He immediately admitted what he had done when he was finally exposed in the mainstream media.

But what else does that tell us about Josh Duggar? He got caught.

He may act as if he is just a fallen sinner and needs back into the good graces of his lord and savior, but in fact, what he actually is just that... caught. And he can't get out of it by hiding anymore.

In fact, it says the same thing about most of the public figures which have a religious bent.  And frankly, to me, this detail is the ONLY reason they fess up. It is because it hit the news cycle in a big way and there's no stepping back from that reality. It's called damage control. They were exposed and now they may be repentant. But it's only because it's now out in the open in all its glorious salaciousness!

How many times do we have to hear in the news what so and so has done after telling the whole world they are better than everyone else? I'm really getting sick and tired of seeing this kind of crap. Almost daily! But yet, me being an atheist - I'm the really nasty character. Right.

Here's an idea - Josh and all you other holier-than-thou types, how about you be brave and tell us now what else we can expect to find hidden in your closet? I'm sure there's so much more. Honestly, I think I would have much more respect for that. I'd really be willing and able to understand you were human and had a failing; we've all been there. But to have your type throwing in my face what a disaster I am for my belief system while you were out there being the lousiest humans ever, it's just unacceptable. Always was... still is.

Here's to the next shoe to drop...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Here's A Novel Idea...


Stop peddling influence! How about we empower people to learn about the issues to elect non-corrupt people instead.

PACs serve a purpose, but they should only help to educate on the issue they support, lobbyists should just go the fuck away. If a congress person doesn't know about an issue, they should make the effort to inform themselves, not the other way around. That's why they are collecting a paycheck!

Every eligible citizen should become informed and exercise their right to vote for qualified candidates. Money grubbing politicians and special interest group supporting those politicians should not get to dictate who gets in. We need to clean house of anyone whose sole purpose is just to leech off the governmental teat to get power, which then procures them advancement in the private sector when they conclude their stint on our dime. Elections should not be a networking opportunity to continue their inevitably greater financial success, but rather be a representative to the fine people who elected them.


We need to find those who want for the better of the people they represent. Their job is to listen to their constituents, educate themselves about what needs to change, have an intelligent idea of the big picture for the district or state they represent and find ways for progress in the areas of most need.

That's it.

This will allow for a much more ethical group of people getting in and only staying because their desire is for improvement of who they represent rather than self-enhancement.

Will you join me in making that happen?

*end rant

Friday, July 17, 2015

I'm Angry

You know that feeling when you could jump out of your skin when you see a perceived injustice or stupidity unraveling before you?

I feel this quite often being on the Internet or just walking out my front door.

I'm really, really, really, REALLY, REALLY getting sick of things that bring me to this place. Realize that I understand I'm in control of my emotions, feeling this way is only brought on because of what I have deemed worthy of getting upset about. 

Here's just the short list...

  • the unending stream of people who claim they have all the answers and, in reality, the lack of understanding they produce
  • seeing proof of humans being unkind or hurtful, intentionally, for the fun of it or worse, to make a point - whatever that point may be
  • having politicians who hold positions of power when all they really want is power in a position from which to control things
  • watching illogical and unreasonable people decide the fate of others, not just in politics but in everyday life
  • feeling betrayed by those claim to have your best interest at heart
  • people suffering because of the lack of compassion in those who are in a position to help
  • watching the innocent and the vulnerable be neglected by the greedy, powerful and disinterested in this world
This world needs to be a better place. Its inhabitants are counting on it. Really... if we don't get our shit together, and start taking care of each other and ourselves, what kind of place will we really end up inhabiting?