Friday, May 20, 2011

Interesting Today 5/20/11 - Special Edition : If Jesus Comes Tomorrow...

 Would you Spit or Swallow?
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end of the world: 9 ways to tell the world has come to an end

for your entertainment tomorrow!

will someone please explain this to the religious who think that god has something to do with feeling good?

i'll be in wichita with my buddies, having a great time! :)

does it really matter? they did a great job and if yes, even better!!

she says americans are anti-intellectual... duh! reason and why it's important!

i feel sorry for the children, i don't feel sorry for the parents. get a brain!

so that's why he's not running in 2012.. he knew the scandal would break!

this is VERY unusual

buyer's remorse has set in, wish they would have made an informed decision BEFORE purchase

here's a new development we didn't see coming

it is perfectly within our rights to document when they dismiss the laws through their actions

when christians misbehave: self-induced religious fit
this girl needs some serious medical attention
wow! is this what they mean by having a close personal relationship with jesus?
it was awkwardly close and sensual for a bit!

thank you, ray!  :)