Thursday, August 20, 2015

Duggar - Keep Digging, I'm Sure There's More

Josh Duggar is in the news again. Who's surprised by this? Not me!

Once again we feel all disgusted with him because he has shown the world that he is not only a child molester, but a cheat and a liar to boot! Add to that, he's a huge hypocrite doing all those sinful things right under the prayerful eyes of his wife and his family. He even admits that. Good for him. And honestly, as soon as the news was confirmed in both instances, good on him for not squirming out of it. He immediately admitted what he had done when he was finally exposed in the mainstream media.

But what else does that tell us about Josh Duggar? He got caught.

He may act as if he is just a fallen sinner and needs back into the good graces of his lord and savior, but in fact, what he actually is just that... caught. And he can't get out of it by hiding anymore.

In fact, it says the same thing about most of the public figures which have a religious bent.  And frankly, to me, this detail is the ONLY reason they fess up. It is because it hit the news cycle in a big way and there's no stepping back from that reality. It's called damage control. They were exposed and now they may be repentant. But it's only because it's now out in the open in all its glorious salaciousness!

How many times do we have to hear in the news what so and so has done after telling the whole world they are better than everyone else? I'm really getting sick and tired of seeing this kind of crap. Almost daily! But yet, me being an atheist - I'm the really nasty character. Right.

Here's an idea - Josh and all you other holier-than-thou types, how about you be brave and tell us now what else we can expect to find hidden in your closet? I'm sure there's so much more. Honestly, I think I would have much more respect for that. I'd really be willing and able to understand you were human and had a failing; we've all been there. But to have your type throwing in my face what a disaster I am for my belief system while you were out there being the lousiest humans ever, it's just unacceptable. Always was... still is.

Here's to the next shoe to drop...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Here's A Novel Idea...


Stop peddling influence! How about we empower people to learn about the issues to elect non-corrupt people instead.

PACs serve a purpose, but they should only help to educate on the issue they support, lobbyists should just go the fuck away. If a congress person doesn't know about an issue, they should make the effort to inform themselves, not the other way around. That's why they are collecting a paycheck!

Every eligible citizen should become informed and exercise their right to vote for qualified candidates. Money grubbing politicians and special interest group supporting those politicians should not get to dictate who gets in. We need to clean house of anyone whose sole purpose is just to leech off the governmental teat to get power, which then procures them advancement in the private sector when they conclude their stint on our dime. Elections should not be a networking opportunity to continue their inevitably greater financial success, but rather be a representative to the fine people who elected them.


We need to find those who want for the better of the people they represent. Their job is to listen to their constituents, educate themselves about what needs to change, have an intelligent idea of the big picture for the district or state they represent and find ways for progress in the areas of most need.

That's it.

This will allow for a much more ethical group of people getting in and only staying because their desire is for improvement of who they represent rather than self-enhancement.

Will you join me in making that happen?

*end rant