Monday, May 16, 2011

Interesting Today 5/16/11

i hope she nails the bastard in court now for this
"When two opposite points of view are expressed with equal intensity,
the truth does not necessarily lie exactly halfway between them. It is
possible for one side to be simply wrong." - Richard Dawkins
wow, first sane voice i've heard from an elected official in a long time!

i heart stephen hawking!

the wonderful irony of this show was the 'i'm here to raise up the glory of god man', matt elrod; who as such a strong competitor who spent the majority of his time banished to redemption island, prayed himself silly in his isolation, made it to the very last challenge to get back in the game and oops! god wasn't listening. he didn't listen to the other one, mike chiesel, the guy that matt helped to find his 'god' again. every time they said they have god on their side, he just lets them down. and even more funny, being a faithful viewer since it's inception, every time and i mean EVERY TIME, there is a jesus freak on this show, god always sees fit to let these players lose. so if your god is real people, seems to me he just don't give a shit. lol

most excellent discovery... thank you science

we can't even trust a miss usa candidate? what is the world coming to?

you couldn't tell the difference between cocaine and cheese? you're a police officer? really?

hey... if it works, it's gotta be better than what the other camp is proposing

may 21st will be upon us soon... so enjoy til then!

3000 new words added to the scrabble dictionary. scandalous and not fair to all those before the addition who couldn't use those words.  :(

it's about fucking time!

man licking shoes - only in ny city
the subway's version of walmart people

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