Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interesting Today 5/26/11

why is it people are always surprised when we try to fuck with nature?

oregon senate votes to end faith-healing defense for parents - secular coalition for america
a step in the right direction

this situation needs to stop! help if you can.

a holey fairy tale
from beginning to end

amy poehler at harvard college class day

one more thing to add to the growing list of why i don't like him


wish they could suspend him permanently

wtf? get a grip, you asshole!

ooohhh!! 'clapping hands' - i heart science!

composite video of officer ian birk shooting john t. williams

here we go again...

really? for a group of sexually uptight people why would they have a saint for that?

atheist for a day
via darkmatter2525 on

can we please get some??

scaly sea monster discovered under brooklyn bridge
ewwwww! click on montauch monster, that one's even worse!

dawn elizabeth rash attacks her roommate with butter, cops say
was she getting ready to saute him? lol

toughest sheriff's department involved in drug ring
i'm betting when he spends time in that jail the convicts are going to be plenty happy

god is imaginery
50 simple proofs

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