Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm on the Dark Side? Get a grip...

I'm pissed and I'm sick and tired of atheists, secularists, humanists, and any other definition of non-religion believing people frequently getting labeled as evil characters because we happen to think there is no evidence for a god or jesus and choose to live our lives in a different fashion than believers. Complete strangers attack making those claims boldly in forums that hide them because they only see written words of our kind and don't know us face-to-face, but I also, sometimes, have the feeling that my so-called friends who are believers would use the word evil or at the very least, less than good because of what I claim to be true for me and my way of thinking. They still have reservations about someone who is different from their clan of people.  You know, the bigger group of believers, the religion they follow that they have lumped themselves into. I guess you would call it strength in numbers, fear of being ostracized or mob mentality; not sure which but whatever label you give it, it's one of being unable to understand the true intent of an individual and then dismiss, ignore, belittle, label or smear them because of that lack of understanding.

I have to stress, not all christians or believers do this, but a large majority of the faithful do. If religious people would just stop for a moment and assess who we are and look at our actions, individually, they might possibly have to reverse their assessments of us because our actions are usually in alignment with what we call our values. To just imply our lack of a belief in a god automatically means we don't have values, some or any, is just profiling and down-right rude and insulting. Especially when I see how values and ethics are paraded and touted as the end to all be all by religious people, in the news, only to see their vileness also in public display once the scandals break in full view of the public to whom they professed their christian values to, just 5 minutes ago.

STFU! I say! Couldn't help myself by stealing this appropriate sentiment recently viewed on YouTube. She speaks to another message, so it is worth viewing, but the STFU! statement I borrow to say "Please keep your values to yourself, stop preaching and start acting like you have them" in a moderately harsher fashion. And specifically, stop maligning those of us who do have values just because we have different beliefs or truths.

I will say it again, religious people DO NOT have the 'good' market cornered. Evidence, now and throughout history, has shown us the exact opposite. Listing it all here is not necessary, as each and every one of us has experienced hypocritical actions and behavior in our own lifetimes by family members, neighbors, local politicians and other characters that supposedly are the leaders of the pack when it comes to morals and values. History books have also taught us about famous and note-worthy figures throughout the centuries; they take up a good part of their lives professing decency and values, only to fall disingenuously off their perch of perceived morality because of their own vile actions. One need to look no further than the evening news or at the frequent stories floating from one Face book page to another about a deplorable, evil act committed against yet another child by a member of the community that has touted their morality as better than everyone else's because they believe in a god or claim to be part of a religion that holds themselves to higher standards. Blech! and again I say... STFU! YOU LIE!

I'm pissed and I'm going to stay pissed AND vocal about being judged as being evil until the hypocrisy ends.

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