Sunday, May 22, 2011

Interesting Today 5/22/11


accepting life on life's terms - good advice

via atheist images

what it COULD have been like... if it would only have happened.

man found dead in church on 'dooms day' & mom tries to kill herself and daughters prior to failed rapture prediction
this is some of the 'good' that has come from predicting a rapture, along with all the money those poor sheep of camping's have lost

how god is managing the rapture
too fucking funny

the founding fathers are tired of your bullshit

"You get religious when your rational immune system is under-developed." Darrel Ray

10 cutest cat moments

sam harris delivers like a comedian!

atheists take on end of the world predictions
Rapture Day at Wichita State University yesterday, made the news!

protein flaws responsible for complex life
human = protein flaws  lol yeah, there's a few!

are republicans losing their grip on reality?
the majority republicans believe in god, believing in god is a disassociation from reality... ergo... yes, the republicans are losing their grip on reality

jesus my lord facebook page
it's the video that makes me rail! what a CROCK 'O SHIT!!! take out any reference to god and it's just an analogy for 'the best in you' and if you believed in yourself you can do great things. DUH!!! when will people realize the YOU in this equation is vital? stop believing in imaginary beings and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!!!

you bug me, now science explains why
interesting read

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