Sunday, July 9, 2017

Privileged, I Am

It's not hard to see I'm privileged. Looking at that wheel, I fit neatly into many of those categories.

I'm fortunate. Plain and simple. Being privileged gives me opportunities and options in life. I accept that, but don't automatically respond that it should afford me better treatment in life.

For all those out there who are embracing privilege at the expense of others, please stop acting like you are entitled to it. In reality you are just lucky!

Haphazardly winning that jackpot of  fortuitousness isn't a virtue or worthy of applause. It's by chance you are who you are.

Shame on you for thinking you can look down on those with less privilege. As if you are better.


Yes, you are privileged, but also, an entitled and truly despicable human being.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Your actions made me feel like I wasn't special to you.

You claimed...

     I was important to you. Did you show it?

     I was a good friend. But obviously not enough for you.

     You loved me unconditionally, but I was too much to take.

     I was unique and different, but I was too combative because of the way I think.

     I was such a role model, but truly too honest for you. What with all the speaking out so much.

     It's good that I'm honest. But I just wasn't sensitive enough to others.

But I was just being me.
And you didn't know how to take me.

Then I doubted myself because of you.
I shouldn't have.

Our connection ceased to exist because of selfishness. Your selfishness, and your ego.

A war of two individuals whose permanent solution ended up in no victory for either side. And you gave up while I was actually still fighting for us. 

Then I let you go.... willingly.
Self-preservation was required.
I realized that all you would do is continue to injure me.

Just know...

I am important.
     I have value.
          I am special.
               You will never fuck me over again.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Just Waiting For You To Die...

... misogynists
... bigots
... racists
... willfully ignorant
... intolerant of others
... black and white world viewers
... self-absorbed people using any means necessary to promote their world view
... extremists, in thinking and in action, in any subject matter
... anti-intellectuals or anti-progress
... arrogant people
... manipulators

but what I hate most - the above indoctrinating our children! The only good thing is, the more of you die the less indoctrination that will occur.

Myself and others will continue to point out what is inherently wrong with your attitude, shut you down at every turn and ensure that others don't follow your way of thinking.

We promise.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Old Day, Same As The New Day

It's not a new year, it's just another day. Let's be clear. Nothing changes from one day to the next. If your 2016 was shitty, it will be so in 2017 UNLESS something affects your circumstances either by chance or actual intentional interventions.

I find it mildly irritating that humans like to pretend that a man-created calendar provides an illusion that things will just mysteriously change on their own. They don't. Or that because it's a new year your resolve will be stronger. It won't if you didn't have the determination to begin with. Please stop with all this nonsense of making resolutions at the beginning of the year. Fucking change your life around when you notice it sucks (if you can) or get help from others who will contribute to it being turned around. Maybe then at the end of the year you won't feel quite so sorry for yourselves and then be grateful that your life was actually pretty good all things considered.

And this thinking that "oh no, so many good people lost this year!"... well duh!!! People die, that's a fact! Are we shocked? Do we lament? Of course. Who wants their favorites to die? Is it all very sad? Of course. But this is life! We are born and we will die. We're not immortal, we're live human beings that will eventually cease to function. And news flash, it's only going to get worse as the heroes and idols we grew up with are getting older just like us. 2017 will probably be a higher death toll statistically, and it will include more of our own circle of close people. Let's start being realistic, people.

Celebrations to put the year behind us and usher in the new is a way for the human mind to get over the crap they had to deal with. Every year there are shitty situations peppered in, and at the end of the year there is a hope that the next one won't be as hellish. That's it. Call it what it is. But thinking that we're going to look back at less problem-free times in our lives and they will magically come back the next year is just wishful-thinking. Think about it. As we get older we are so much more exposed to situations that could turn bad, and we are also more responsible for things (usually, unless you're just an immature asshole or never been in that position where you could be) where there is a possibility of something going wrong. All these things continue to escalate UNLESS we make choices that change that to minimize problematic times for ourselves.

And life doesn't give a shit, so remember that. Bad things do and will continue to happen. You either are in the path of it or you are not. Prepare, and secure yourself and loved ones for those moments that are out of your control; then deal with them as best as you can in the aftermath.

Wishing you a  HAPPY NEXT DAY,try to understand it's not a guarantee.