Friday, May 13, 2011

Interesting Today 5/13/11

very cool! 

red state babylon
makes perfect sense to me 

no explanation necessary, just watch 

are all religions equally crazy?
short answer... yes
but some are SERIOUSLY bizarre

highest in the world - sure doesn't speak well of us as a nation

wow - what an asshole son

just fucking sick, another reason to despise traditions 'just because they've always done it this way'. all this does is reinforce men's sick and twisted need to dominate and be superior and lewd

mrs. brown and the mormons - hilarious!!

not my human nature, maybe gullible humans nature

that's just wrong

pendulum waves - order, chaos, order, chaos... life explained

and you are surprised??

very well written

i was researching approval addiction and found this. i had an extreme lol moment when i saw how to overcome it. ah yes, joyce meyer that's automatically who i would go to when seeking advice! jesus and the good book.... that's all you need! quick, i must tell sarah ferguson!
was the parent sarah palin?

he may not have said it, but their actions speak VOLUMES

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