Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Interesting Today 5/10/11

florida's loss, the rest of the country's gain

sextertainment on flights now, guess we'll have to fly more often!

i'm guessing they will find him before they do the ark  :)

hey you liars! will you people, PLEASE, act the part you claim to be?!?! don't you realize you are REALLY only making us atheists look good?!?

huckabee in defense of obama's speech, he said "many people not necessarily believers in anything other than themselves? wtf? a) he is not defending obama and b) he obviously doesn't know that we aren't all narcissists. i think he's talking about the gop... or at least some of them.

the truth about sitting down all day
wow! i'm standing as we speak!

filipino priest caught masturbating - oh cut him some slack, at least he was only molesting himself! he has a hand and he has a penis... HE USED IT because that's what men do! bfd

revering ministers - failing children
one more story in a long line of never ending child molestation stories

taken to school
i heart that parent!

when it's spring again - the dutch tulip fields

us chamber freaks out over modest obama proposal that would require government contractors to disclose campaign spending
i wonder why??? hmm?? it's not a modest proposal - it's a necessary one!!!

the sneaky ways the christian right has re-entrenched itself in our politics
re-entrenched? who said they ever left?

well, sure, but are they going to challenge that or just roll over and be koch's whores?

i can't wait to see the 'licensed' shootings begin because you know it will happen

no shit?! the pope is on board with serious science

announcing emergency mobile alerts
the new system will be localized to areas it will affect, as long as you are registered

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