Friday, April 29, 2011

Success.... redefined

I've seen people who think they've achieved success because their cars are bigger, their houses are bigger, they wear the latest style and drink the tallest soy, caramel, vanilla, 1 shot white mocha, 1 shot dark chocolate mocha and 2 shots of decaf espresso with whipped cream - latte. And oh yeah, the biggest ego's backed up with the smallest self-esteem. I have a hard time comprehending that means success in a world encountering so much difficulty just making it through a day; what with all the disasters we see on TV, the bad things that happen to good and bad people and just the natural suckiness of life, at times. Life is hard and nature is not kind. There are many obstacles we have to overcome like bad parents, bad influences, the people who think they are successful listed above, age, genetic anomalies, personal tragedies, self-created mistakes, just to name a few. I think success needs to be redefined to include more of who comes out on the other end of struggling through severe situations that life indiscriminately hands out to us.

I'm talking about what we do in between birth and death when life hits us with everything that it has. Do we succeed at living? Sadly, many of us don't and for them, suicide is the only option. It is a very small percentage that take that route, but how many don't actually commit suicide and live their lives out in a suspended version of wretchedness for the entirety of that time? I haven't researched it but my guess would be those people probably wouldn't really tell you if their lives sucked anyway. Living that life wouldn't be my idea of succeeding, it is just hanging on until your life is no more.

For those who have endured, persevered and also, excelled despite all the setbacks that life continually throws at them, I believe a round of applause is in order. Life is probably the hardest thing we will ever do. The rewards are great, if we would really give ourselves credit and truly enjoy the benefits of the things we achieve. To myself and those closest to me, I have said many times "I'm sooo tired of just coping" and then go back for more in order to push through to another level of achievement. That strength is something that I know I don't give myself enough credit for... ever.

Enjoying, really enjoying and being satisfied that you and the things you do matter, is another key element of being a success in life. So many of us have such a hard time with that and aren't able to rise above just projecting the outward appearance of success invented by man. We don't like who we are, how we look, what we say, how we say it... we just don't matter. And that's part of my point... we MATTER, first and foremost, because we are alive and continue to be a part of life. We don't succeed when we don't believe living is an important part of that success.

So, take a good look at yourself to see if you are surviving life on life's terms or just waiting it out. Do you show a willingness to achieve when truly the odds are literally stacked against you at all times? Take a look inward, too, penetrating the outer facade, to see if the person you are doesn't ever hold back, is someone who participates in life and someone who looks life in the face and says "Bring it on, bitch!" and relishes waiting for life's reply. In my book, that is a pretty successful person.

I can't end this piece without saying something to a new friend of mine - JT Eberhard... you are a shining example of what a successful person is and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reminding me how successful I am.  :)

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