Thursday, April 21, 2011

Interesting Today 4/21/11

is this the reason sarah palin is so whacked? 

pirate ship bedroom 
i want one!!!

the history of the beloved gw bush 
wow - he was even worse than i thought!

plastic bottle homes 
very cool! thanks, helen sotiriadis, for sharing!

paul's headstomper case not dismissed

us peace index released - majority of violent states southern, highly religious 
ya think?? did we really need a study for that?

no dinosaurs in heaven 

i'm for gay marriage... er, marriage
via revolutionary atheist 

the ultimate easter quiz
if you make a habit of questioning things, you should pass brilliantly!


of course they did... money talks and our congressmen walk

obama sends drones to libya 
i'll have to concur w/ the gentlemen who coined the phrase "you lie" during state of the union address in 2010. you said we were leaving... "you lie".

ok... let's just add insult to fucking injury! wtf is wrong with our government?

easter, the bunny and what it has to do with jesus 
i'll give you one guess... it started with the pagans and has absolutely nothing to do with christianity. oh, other than they stole it!

"What if schoolchildren stood facing not the American flag every morning before class started but a photograph of a devastated Hiroshima, shortly after it was obliterated by our atomic bomb, and pledged their allegiance to the idea that
such a thing will never happen again?" Robert Koehler   
actually, quite a nice idea.

we expected anything else?

why do we have to wait for the execution... can't they just take them now?

the congressional record is allowed to be rewritten??? what??? well, from the standpoint of getting rid of inaccuracies.. ok, i'll agree, but why not leave the incorrect remarks in there, show what needed to be corrected and then point out what a dipshit you're representative really is??

j edgar hoovers fbi took ufo's seriously 
shame they weren't able to prove one way or the other

really? that was counter-productive now... don't ya think?


  1. Hi Susi. I'm checking out the new additions to the Atheist Blogroll and trying to recruit some submission to a new Atheist Blogmap. Check it out if you get a chance:

    Also, I came down on the other side of the Longo Organ Donation question, I'm inclined to think harvesting the organs of death row inmates is dubious on a couple of levels ... blogged a quick hitter on that recently myself.

    Chris (aka cdogzilla)