Thursday, April 14, 2011

Interesting Today 4/14/11

what humans are doing to this earth

end of days coincides with your birth year? how can that be? tee hee - i guess the fuckers got it wrong!!!

“The length of our life is less important than its depth.” ― Mary David Fisher

                             pointing out the obvious contradictions in the bible

jesus performs miracles... yeah, right

                                              how to avoid paying taxes

              for those with vaginas and for those who love vaginas... pay attention!

what a fundamentalist asshat!

assange - a voice for transparency

using the medium of television for good - excellent!

                          we have nothing more to talk about - i'm getting there

get de-baptized!

                           he's speechless - i'm STANDING & APPLAUDING!!

sarah palin baby hoax? oh, i hope this is sooo true!! once and for all we could call her out as the lunatic and liar that she is!

fox news got it right!!!!

"thus building a wall of separation of church & state" ....  well, there it is miss "i'm not a witch" lady

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