Friday, April 29, 2011

Interesting Today 4/29/11

donald trump filed bankruptcy FOUR times!!
oh yeah... that's the leadership this country needs

 gitmo docs hid evidence of torture
ain't america great? and they claim to be the moral compass for the rest of the world ***insert sarcasm here

mind-gut connection: why intestinal bacteria may have important effects on your brain
i should have been a doctor, i love this stuff

 pot prohibition turns 100 years old: a centennial anniversary that's hardly worth celebrating     agreed!

trump:american leaders are stupid
i really can't believe that some citizens of the us would elect this guy and not because he said OH MY! the word fuck several times

we have our own spoiled royals: corporations
the only difference is they DO influence our political process

when speech turns profane
there definitely is a time and a place for profanity

appeals court lifts band on federal funding for stem cell research
YEAH!!! it's about time

they want to eat your brains
that is the first thing religion does to you

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