Sunday, April 3, 2011

Interesting Today 4/3/11

Funny quote from Atheist Experience I thought you might get a kick out of:
"We're out of time, you said god exists, you have one minute to prove it."
"I can't prove that in one minute."
"You also couldn't prove it in 2,000 years." *ends call*
 ks city, mo school ignores separation of church and state
"I tend to think of religion (at least in its most common forms) as man's failure to recognise his own wholeness, pessimistically attributing those parts of himself he doesn't understand to the supernatural."

Robert Simpson
                             stephen colbert and jimmy fallon sing friday!!
dr. cornel west and his smartness coming through loud and clear!
babies can now latch on directly to cows?!?!? 
fox news - science in the bible, reported on april 1st... ha, ha! 
the real cost of war 
international space station timeline 
occam's razor 

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