Monday, April 18, 2011

Interesting Today 4/18/11

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penguin gets tickled
sooooooooo cute!!!

21 reasons why english sucks!
lol... really sucks!

the oil is not gone
bp tries to block gulf residents from shareholder meeting

drug testing of all school children in russia
and we thought we had it bad

5 yr old kills newborn to watch tv

traveling space telescope to stretch limits of human knowledge
can't wait to see THOSE pictures!

japan death toll close to reaching 14,000

why are conservatives obsessed with the sex lives of college kids?
oh, i don't know.... jealous, maybe?

big coal's dirty secret
they're criminals and they hurt the citizens instead of protecting them

via deep thoughts

karl rove on donald trump
i can't believe i'm saying this... i agree w/ karl rove, but i'll go one step
further... he was a joke before he sided with the birthers.

Sean Gillespie 
Religion teaches to love the ideas of heaven and salvation more than friends, family, and even your own children. It teaches family to cut ties with non-believer members and friends to turn their backs all to avoid jeopardizing imagined eternal rewards. It teaches parents to let their children die rather than receive medical care and risk upsetting their god. It teaches love, but not a kind that has any beauty.
another liar

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