Sunday, April 24, 2011

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1... and it's Easter

Here is my first official message on this holy day....

"Susi, I wish that you could feel the love that is being poured out for you in this movie. God does love you, he loves you so much he gave you his son. It is amazing and it will change your life if you let it. We as Christians are so afraid to put it out there for fear of what our non christian friends might say or think.... well, I am here to tell you that God loves you a non believer just as much as he loves me one who puts all my faith and trust in Him. My prayer for you and all who have not found Him yet, is that you do. Life is SO much more and So wonderful with HIM in it! Blessings... I truly mean it... blessings to you all! Happy Easter!"

Why do religious people seem to think that non-religious people aren't feeling how grand life is or that our lives couldn't possibly be just as wonderful WITHOUT him in it?? Really... how arrogant and how wrong. 


  1. it's hard to not be dismissive when reading superficial inanities such as this from your friend.

    'just as wonderful'? no, susi... there is no comparison. you cannot equate stooping towards the dirt and gazing at the night sky.

    one of my favorite carl sagan quotes expresses it better than i ever will:

    in some respects, science has far surpassed religion in delivering awe. how is it that hardly any major religion has looked at science and concluded, "this is better than we thought! the universe is much bigger than our prophets said, grander, more subtle, more elegant. god must be even greater than we dreamed"? instead they say, "no, no, no! my god is a little god, and i want him to stay that way."

    and another gem i just discovered, by martin amis, on christopher hitchens:

    christopher's personal devil is god, or rather organised religion, or rather the human "desire to worship and obey". he comprehensively understands that the desire to worship, and all the rest of it, is a direct reaction to the unmanageability of the idea of death. "religion," wrote larkin: "that vast moth-eaten musical brocade/ created to pretend we never die.

    'life is so much more' says your friend. sadly, unless you get through to him/her, your friend will have wasted his/her only opportunity to deeply experience awe, by sticking his/her head in the sand of terror.

  2. i won't suppose to understand what "so much more" feels to her, since it really is subjective. that is why i say, at the very least, what i experience is just as what "her" wonderful means to her.