Monday, April 4, 2011

Interesting Today 4/4/11

"We should end campaigning all together...give all politicians the same budget, same air time, ban donations to political organizations, and make these fools work instead of "working" to get your vote." - Travis Hutchins, member of Boycott and Defeat Koch Industries.
creation or evolution? students and teacher speak. 
martin luther would stand with us today 
history of separation between church and state 
montana is backwards 
"Happiness is the complete distraction from the shitty parts in your life." - Susi Bocks
hope this news reporter doesn't know what he's talking about 
teenagers speak up for lack of faith 
5/21/11 coming.. oh well.  and the actual end of the world is 10/21/11... the 22nd anniversary of my failed first marriage. how funny.
the story of stuff 
"I think that reason and religion are mutually exclusive,You can not be rational and loyal to superstitions at the same time "

Faisal Saeed Al-Mutar
ac grayling - militant atheists would be like saying you are sleeping furiously! 
tell congress to help create jobs NOT cut them 
sex is a reality, women enjoy it as much as men 
understand the realities of missionaries of charity 
dr. neil degrasse tyson on intelligence - different take i've never contemplated! 
evolution - fact or theory?

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