Saturday, December 21, 2013

Are The Ducksters Decent? You Decide
The Master Duckster feels safer with people who carry bibles.  My response? Get off your fan base exploiting pedestal!

Guess he never read or any of the other sensationalized stories of bible thumpers who have committed atrocities, nor bothered to acknowledge that the highest percentage of people in jail are Christians!!! The truth, as I see it, him trying to sell the fantasy about how morally superior Christians are and ignoring the truth about everything is about only one thing... what will gain him the most attention, the most followers and the most money.

The actual truth is religious people DO NOT have the market cornered on decency! If anything, they are worse!!! Aren't Christians supposed to tell the truth? Aren't they supposed to just be all about love? Aren't they supposed to be against being stinking, filthy rich? When he chooses to perpetuate lies based on a faith that only benefits him and his family, HE is the one who is is indecent!

I actually would have some respect for him and tolerance of his views if only he would act like a supposed honorable Christian would. But he won't and neither will his family, sitting pretty in their ever growing pile of money that will continue to sustain them... and their 'beliefs'.

But hey, your right to free speech... er, hate speech is protected. And you've got one thing going for you. The West Boro Baptist church is on your side. Aren't you lucky?

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