Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm Not A Car, But Insure Me Anyway

You've heard the line "Obamacare is being rammed down our throats! You can't mandate insurance on health care!" along with the follow up statement "You can only do that if you own a car or a house because it's optional! You choose to own either then you have to get insurance!" Applying their logic about cars and houses to humans would infer that we indeed can mandate insurance because our bodies are owned by us and we have no other option but to be here if we choose to be sticking around on this planet. Common sense would tell me their argument just went flat.

We are required by law to have insurance on a home or a vehicle should we choose to own either of them. Meaning we are responsible for any event that would potentially destroy those things or somehow affect them in a way should they no longer function properly. Insurance, any insurance, is designed that way. So why wouldn't it make sense to see that all people are insured? Isn't that the responsible thing to do, especially when we feel that insuring our houses or cars is the right thing to do?!?!? How many times have I heard someone complain about an uninsured motorist after a horrific auto accident when their insurance had to foot the bill, but yet the Affordable Care Act... its intention is bad. SMH

Being sick and not being able to take care of being able to function properly, in other words be healthy again, is exactly what insurance was designed to correct! If people have insurance they take care of themselves because they can afford to go to the doctor much easier than if they don't have insurance. Being healthier means less cost. It's not that hard to figure that one out. The burden on taxpayers is higher when sick people wait till they have no other option but to go to the emergency room and then can't pay their bills afterwards. But the financial impact, that's another discussion.

Back to my original point... Does anyone else own me? No. This is what the Constitution has protected: my individual freedom which comes from my consciousness inside my human form. It actively seeks my right to my pursuit of happiness and liberty in this country. Along with that I bear a personal responsibility to making sure the impact I have on this planet, financial or otherwise,would be as minimal to my fellow man as possible. Isn't that part of what accountability is about? Doing the right thing for oneself while doing right by others?

When we all debate this question about whether having mandated insurance is appropriate or not, I wish we would take this into consideration. It seems that many are. Those are the ones in support of the legislation. But I would ask those who are in opposition of mandated health care... How can we not be thinking this through and supporting it? It's just illogical and frankly inhumane on some levels.


  1. In a perfect world, everyone would have an equal drive and opertunities in life and if you ended up poor or just unsucessfull it would be true that only you are to blame for your situation.
    I spent time with my sister this week, she is with corperate in a large fast food chain. Well, I heard a point of view I never thought I would hear from my family. I realized that with the yrs. of work she has put in to succeed she has forgotten how it started. She doesn't see that she was setup to do well, not just because of help, but because she made the right decisions.
    Reality is, We don't all have the same IQ. Those who have always had health care are healthier which would make decision making easier. Those who don't have health care live with pain, distractions and depression. The rich and powerful really don't believe that working people cant get health ins. . They only have their experiances to look back on and their knowledge that by them working hard you can get where you want. They also believe that people that don't try hard enough to succeed are a drain on those that have.
    I believe we need to educate those people (somehow) that most people are effected by their experiances- Deaths-money-health-education and mental health. These people would like to be able to regain their selfesteem by being able to takecare of themselves. Just paying alittle twards their Insurance brings a feeling of selfworth many haven't felt before.
    I believe if we just really try to make sure we are all healthier, We will see a beginning of people pulling themselves out of poverty. This could be the single most important thing that has happened to the low income since the min. wage.

    1. thank you! i appreciate your comments and agree!