Friday, August 16, 2013


I'll be eighty years old then. Always thought I would make it to at least that age, maybe beyond.

Let's suppose I do. It means I'll have experienced two years on this earth being religion-free according to Nigel Barber. Having lived mostly as an atheist up to that point, I wonder what I can expect to see, to hear, and to feel about my surroundings.

For a good many of those years I was fighting or arguing with those of differing opinions about the existence of a god. My frustration frequently spilled out in various writings on my blog and other venues that allowed me to voice my opinions. Many didn't like what I had to say. To think I would finally arrive at a time in my life where pointing out the inconsistencies wasn't necessary anymore, well it seems almost incomprehensible to me.

I suppose I would still be loud about other things annoying my sensibilities. Injustice will abound in other areas, I'm sure. My deeply held sense of righting wrongs springing up as necessary. That's me - always ready to fight the good fight. But to experience this battle being over... finally. That would feel good.

Imagining a world where reality is its motivating and inspiring force, wow. We did it! We have attained the final stage of rational outcomes. Some would say that's heaven or paradise, well it sort of is. Everything this atheist movement has been fighting for has been about validation. Finally, the information has vindicated us! The facts upon which we have based our conclusions with respect to the topic of religion has challenged the religious sector completely to its core and destroyed it. Religion doesn't exist any longer because the atheists got it right. Sweet victory, religion has died. That would feel good, too.

If religion is gone, finally and forever, churches become obsolete. In their place, refurbished buildings for practical purposes. I see affordable housing, recreational centers for kids and other more desirable buildings. When I drive down the street I won't have to go yech and shake my head anymore. That would feel wonderful!

No more worship songs! The trance-inducing, swaying hips, hands raised high, tear stained or near tear stained faces kind. Yes, the spell is broken. The delusion is gone. And with it go the strange lyrics supporting the delusion, forever.

The phrases "I'll pray for you" and "God Bless America"  or god bless anything won't be spoken anymore. Yay! Our money might read something like "In Reason We Trust" or "E Pluribus Unum", both reinforcing the reality our country now stands for.

Nathan Phelps
The best part of it for me would be seeing how the kids would be raised and what their un-indoctrinated futures would potentially hold for them. They would be free, really free to think without being pressured by outside forces to act, speak and be a certain molded kind of way. I would enjoy being around the expressiveness of those children who turn around and do the same for the next generation. Shame I won't be around to witness two hundred years from now.

But I'm day dreaming and being wishful, maybe even a tad irrational; something I try not to be. We don't know what the world of 2043 will really look like, it's anybody's guess. Even though religion might be gone, it doesn't mean stupid shit won't still happen. I predict (based on previous history) humans will somehow figure out a way to fuck something up, if not everything. I hope I'm wrong. If I really am still alive then, I'll mark my calendar and report back on what's really going on. Count on it.

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