Sunday, July 21, 2013


  • Matches the intensity of physical pain with a deep guttural response. When the hurt is so too much to contain, the excruciating waves feel like they have to come out of my body. Screaming eases it by taking the edge off; the damage caused to the inside feels lessened.
  • Exorcises the rage when I'm mad. If I don't, my insides will explode.
  • Is a must when I'm exposed to the stupidity of people on the TV/the computer/in my car. 
  • Happens mostly when I'm hiding from the world. They can't know my pain yet.
  • Stops the brutality I see inflicted on others. I've been lucky not to witness much personally.
  • Keeps me from inflicting brutality when I'm exposed to stupidity, in any form. That seems to happen more often lately.
  • Is a release. It's only temporary though.

So... I really want to stop screaming.

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