Friday, July 5, 2013

I Don't Understand... So God.

Can’t recall the exact wording, but the gist of a recent meme was that thinking was preferable to believing. Yeah, I’d whole-heartedly agree with that. Using your brain to understand seems like a much more viable option than just accepting a belief about something you don’t understand. Taking something on faith without further investigation seems lazy to me… and foolish.

Some would scream “But how can you not believe after the majesty you see before you?”  That is so easy to answer… I don’t get all ga-ga for bullshit. Fully researching and questioning, not just listening to your gut or your 'this feels good' moments, that is what I do before I can form an opinion. And believe what exactly? That just because there is a vast, incredible, still not fully understood universe unfolding with all its mysteries then it automatically translates into god being the only reason for it? Yeah… right… it could only be because of a god. There couldn’t possibly be any other explanation. *insert sarcasm here

It seems incredible to me that anyone would just automatically consider a god as an option when there isn’t any evidence for one. Yes, I know, they think that the existence of life, the consciousness we all experience and the shock and awesomeness of this universe defaults to a position that only a god could have summoned it into existence. But the Big Bang Theory is an impossibility when this god could be the explanation for doing the exact same thing. SMH

Either they don’t understand or can’t/don’t want to understand the more difficult concepts of our existence. Hell, even I don’t understand it all, but I don’t just put my hands up to the sky and say “Oh great one!” In the end, it only just means that I don’t understand everything, some other people know a little more and in reality, there’s still a shit ton more that we don’t or will ever know. And that’s OK.

What is fascinating to watch unfold before us is that the more we know, the more the whole concept of giving it all up to god makes even less sense. Bit by bit we answer life's mysteries and questions and god doesn't even remotely begin to figure into it. Believers don’t seem to grasp that fact, even as they watch their congregations thin out.

The idea of a god made sense in the beginning when there was little understanding of the natural world, but not anymore. Every little bit of information that leads us to more definite conclusions about things, takes god one step further away from being the answer to the original question(s). Why can they not grasp that?

Life is fascinating, amazing, wondrous and teaches us something every day…. Why fill it with something unbelievable and limiting?

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