Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Still raging about the hypocrisy of religion

Recently, I was enjoying reading the May edition of Freethought Today, but then I came across the "Black Collar Crime Blotter" which totally turned my stomach and sent my blood pressure sky-high because of the many, many cases of sexual abuse involving children. To give you some perspective, it was approximately two and half newspaper-sized pages filled with local, national and international incidents of arrested/charged, civil lawsuits filed & settled, legal developments, allegations made, removed/resigned instances, pleaded/convicted & sentenced individuals. It covered a wide spectrum of criminal activity - rape, assault, breaking & entering, embezzlement, fraud, kidnapping, etc. The predominant crimes were sexual in nature and again, many of the offenses occurred primarily with children.

With the child abuse issue, I'm hopeful that the eventual demise of religion will also bring an end to the ongoing assault on the innocent children who are raped and molested by the clergy that have a predilection for easily overpowered children they use as sex toys. As much notoriety as this subject has received over these last few years though, it certainly doesn't seem to have abated. This continues to be a issue for me that grates deep in my soul with each new story that I come across. The lost innocence of those children prohibits them from experiencing what was supposed to be a happy time in their lives; childhood years they deserved and needed to become healthy, vibrant adults.

It is infuriating to see the the acts committed against children but also, the wide range of criminal offenses committed by these people who claim to be beholden to a higher standard! A standard, I might add, that certain people of faith hold us in contempt for because we choose not to believe in the imaginary guy in the sky. I know I already went off on my recent blog about the hypocrisy of religion, but seeing this Crime Blotter shows me, once again, they are nothing what they claim to be; but we, the atheists, are the bad guys in their eyes! It just pisses me off!!! How about you good christianists clean up your own house before you malign others?

In a perfect world, there is no religion, there is no hate, there is no crime, and everybody just lives a happy, comfortable life. I'd settle for one where people just stop acting as if they were better than everybody else, but in reality, are lower than the scum that sticks to my shoes.

Oh, who am I kidding? I want the perfect world.

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