Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The G in Governor Obviously Stands for God-fearing Rick Perry

Can I tell you how disturbing the news of a government sanctioned event 'The Response: A call to prayer for a nation in crisis' is to me? VERY DISTURBING and I hope for you as well! It goes without saying that praying is a complete waste of time, but also, Christians and non-believers who couldn't give a rat's ass about this, don't understand the basics of separation of church and state.

I get it, that some people need to pray... SO PRAY! Have at it - it's on a Saturday and if that's how you want to spend your day, then do it. It would be wrong of me to stop you from insisting that you do. Actually, that is your constitutional right, just like it's mine to not pray because I think it's a silly waste of time. However, the last time Rick Perry clasped his hands together and thought the mere action of asking for it would bring it to him.... well, you can see how well that worked. See Drought Monitor... Dumb ass. This video, Tool time: Rick Perry, Living on a Prayer? says it very well.

Had Rick Perry decided to lend his name to the event as Rick Perry and not Governor Rick Perry, sent out a blanket invite to all citizens of the United States that felt the need to get on their knees, if they so cared to, and not just to the other governors to beg their Lord God to get us out of this mess that mortal men have created; then, I would have not had one single objection. The American Family Association can spend their hard-earned (or as I like to say 'wrestled from the fingers of the people easily manipulated and most desperately suffering from the effects that their man-leaders of the real world have created') cash anyway they like. But the fact is that he didn't do it this way and chose to act as if doing his 'real job' (what he's getting a paycheck to do, along with all the other elected officials) doesn't take precedence over a pray fest... this is what's smoking my ass at the moment.

Why is he in office? Why doesn't he just get ordained and open a fucking church? We elect people to local, national and federal government positions to work for the people - ALL people and that includes Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Christians, Wiccans, Buddhists, Hare Krishna's, Scientologists and so on. What part of the First Amendment do these people NOT GET?? So, I'll say it again, a government sanctioned event LED by a representative of supposedly ALL people crosses the line of separation of church and state.

If you are as disgusted as I am, then do something, anything. Here's a place to start - Secular Coalition for America. And if you are in the Houston Area, join the protest.

The picture above pretty much says how I feel about religion. If you have faith in something other than your own abilities, it should be a private thing and it's a protected right for you to have, but it doesn't give you the right to inject it into the lives of those who aren't so inclined. Continue to surround yourselves in whatever bubbles your bath, but stay out of my BATHROOM! I'm tired of seeing religion so intermingled with our government, the government that supposedly belongs to ALL the people!

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