Friday, December 4, 2015

In All Things, Do Good

If you replaced this man with a truly kind, loving christian - it's the same message. Each have interpreted their holy texts (or had them interpreted for them by a truly kind, loving denomination/congregation) and taken nothing, but goodness from it.

What it boils down to is the text is subjective because there are mixed messages in each of those books they read. It's cherry picking. Either the individual IS good and WANTS only good for himself, other people and this world or the person IS bad, and wants only to dole out the same craziness and chaotic directives from that holy book they cling to.

And when I say good or bad, I'm speaking of their intention. Individuals choose the actions they take because of what their natural bent is, their care growing up and their life experience which has shaped them.

Would I prefer to have no religion, absolutely. Let's understand that a human being knowing where their intention comes from - themselves - is a far sight better than those who claim who they are and what they do comes from a god. Having said that, I would still rather have a deluded person intent on being a force for good in this world than an asshole who is intent on harming all others in the name of their religion.

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  1. We ( all people) bring their values and morals to their religion and find a way to make it fit in. Easy for me to see once it was pointed out to me by Hitchens I think. I spend several hours a day now listening to podcasts, videos, reading, blogs etc to educate myself and help to keep me in a positive attitude. It's great therapy for me so keep writing all you secular , wonderful godless humans !!!