Saturday, May 6, 2017


Your actions made me feel like I wasn't special to you.

You claimed...

     I was important to you. Did you show it?

     I was a good friend. But obviously not enough for you.

     You loved me unconditionally, but I was too much to take.

     I was unique and different, but I was too combative because of the way I think.

     I was such a role model, but truly too honest for you. What with all the speaking out so much.

     It's good that I'm honest. But I just wasn't sensitive enough to others.

But I was just being me.
And you didn't know how to take me.

Then I doubted myself because of you.
I shouldn't have.

Our connection ceased to exist because of selfishness. Your selfishness, and your ego.

A war of two individuals whose permanent solution ended up in no victory for either side. And you gave up while I was actually still fighting for us. 

Then I let you go.... willingly.
Self-preservation was required.
I realized that all you would do is continue to injure me.

Just know...

I am important.
     I have value.
          I am special.
               You will never fuck me over again.

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