Thursday, November 19, 2015

"We The People" NOT "Our God Is A Mighty God"

Just because you have a personal relationship with Mr. Skydaddy does not dictate the outcome for "We the People". Making a personal decision to be ruled by an invisible man doesn't equate to a legal responsibility for him to rule the rest of the country, believers and non-believers. Stop interjecting religious law into secular law!

And also, please stop being misguided to thinking this is a Christian Nation... it is NOT! Do just a little bit of research (this is just a small start to get you in the right direction), and you will find our forefathers were indeed interested in keeping church and state separated. We are a secular nation because the historical dudes realized true freedom comes from allowing all to express their beliefs in this country, but legislating it would give religion opportunities to make decisions in a process where faith and beliefs just don't belong.

Our country has a long history of religion trying to creep back into having a strong-hold.

Don't let it!


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  2. Believers? Is CHRIST asked anybody to be a believer? There's many became Atheists but before that they were Believers, if so why did they believe in CHRIST? Could people recovered from Religion especially from Christianity answer?

    1. It's called indoctrination. Religion or a belief in Christ was pushed on them. Once they started thinking for themselves, researched available evidence rather than just taking the information in the bible as truth, then they understood all this fabrication of "the truth" was bullshit.