Thursday, November 21, 2013

Road Trip Reflections

Matt Champlin -
Five hours of drive time recently produced a hell of a variety of thoughts...

This weekend I learned more about philosophy than I'd previously known. Dr. Richard Carrier always does a great job of educating with style. One take away - "Philosophy from the Greek words - Philo + Sophia = Love of Wisdom"

A long time ago a friend of mine, from Greece actually, remarked "I didn't know you were such a deep thinker." Not until I lost my job in 2011 and watched my kids need me less and less did I realize how much I adore understanding myself, others and the world around me. Getting to the truth, asking questions and discerning appropriately; deep needs of mine, only recently understood. There is an energy that comes with seeking and sharing knowledge, but also a sense peace that comes with clarity. This is why I pursue wisdom. Never would have thought of myself as a philosopher when I was younger. My age, dotted with so much life experience, and currently having the time on my hands to investigate it deeper and more thoughtfully; this period in my existence will be colored richly with understanding and depth previously lacking.


I feel like I'm at a crossroad. Change, then healing has to happen. I'm about to commit
 coming out on the other side of my own indecision.

Haven't we all been there? Problematic situations that don't seem to have any solutions or sometimes, many to choose from. That icky feeling of holding back, not moving forward, stuck in your own head more than you should be; changing whatever needs to be changed seems tantamount to jumping off a cliff. More often than not, change or decision-making has resulted in better outcomes than where I was stuck. I'd highly recommend you give yourself that needed push to do what needs to happen next.


I'm always at my best... in every moment; the bad ones and the good ones.

It doesn't matter if I'm wearing make up or not, going through a rough time or not, having a really good time or not; the person I am is always my best... that I can be right then. The things that life throws at me do not change that mindset. The actions I sometimes take may not be the best, but I am doing the best I can do at that very moment. If we can accept that in our worst moments then we are still achieving the best we can. Maybe, just maybe, if we thought that and committed to that mindset we'd recover quicker to more exceptional 'best' moments.

Life and Bullies are alike. At their worst, both can fucking suck and being on the receiving 
end is horrible and almost devastating at times.

If you can get through the harshness of it all, coming back on the other side of it can make you stronger and an inspiration to all others who go through it. Life and bullies can try to destroy us physically, emotionally and mentally; choose gaining strength and power over being defeated by them. Tell life and bullies "Give it your best shot! I'm NOT going down without a fight!"


Life is like fruit in an orchard. 

I've had sweet experiences, tasty ones, even rotten to the core ones. Occasionally, a not so appetizing and obviously unexpected addition came along with the experience.


Nothing is as bad as the fear they want to spread.

It's fear mongering, in whatever the subject matter may be; avoid it, dismiss it and research it. Seeing the reality of any situation will naturally allow fear to dissipate. Fear is an appropriate emotional response, but only when there is really a good reason for it. Question the scare tactics, always.


Forgiveness is not only about understanding and accepting that things can't be 
any different than what they were or how they happened, but it also means
 identifying the emotions that keep you from forgiving someone.

How many times have we said "I forgive you." only to still be in limbo with that relationship? A space where you acknowledge they did something wrong, but you hold on to the anger and/or the hurt caused by them. You forgive them enough to create some peace between you, but no true peace for yourself. In order to heal the relationship (if that's what you want) then letting go of the hurt feelings is in order for it to not cloud future happiness.

Random thoughts creep into my mind, new ones bouncing off each other, the direction never quite a straight line. More like a circle with zig zags.

ADD is something my son thinks I might have. Maybe I do... have I defined it correctly?

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