Thursday, November 14, 2013

Persecution My Ass

The idea of Christians being persecuted in this country now... well, it's bullshit. Plain and simple. That may have been the case hundreds of years ago after leaving their countries where they were persecuted for practicing their religions, but not now, not today. Not when we have a Constitution that protects their freedom of religion.

First off - YOURS IS THE PREDOMINANT RELIGION IN THIS COUNTRY!!! That alone precludes you from being persecuted. Find another topic to get your panties in a bunch about!

The only thing that is going on is one of three things - those nasty anti-theists (and some theists) are politely expressing their opinions, consistently pointing out irrational things and/or sending you the message "Back the fuck up!" through the court system. Check the Constitution - You are asked to take your dang hands out of schools and stay the hell out of politics! Along with that, keep your religious icons off public property unless you are prepared to let them share the stage with the other thousands of religions out there.

No one is telling you can't pray, you are free to pray wherever you choose, but preferably you will do it in your head. A silent conversation between you and your god, not in the aforementioned venues. There isn't a war on Christmas as you can still celebrate that tradition however you'd like. Your cherished traditions can be celebrated in your home, with your other believing friends and in your church, but not by proselytizing in public schools or on public land.

You want to know what real persecution is? Women being raped in war-torn countries, angry acts of bigotry focused on the minority community, the ongoing genital mutilation of women in under-developed countries, atheists being killed in foreign countries for thinking differently, members of the LGBT community losing their jobs or being terrorized, tortured and even killed in some instances, beheadings and honor killings in traditional Islamic countries... just to name a few examples. Some pretty nasty stuff and nowhere near what you think you are going through just because some people are questioning your precious religion. We write about it, we discuss it, we disagree with believers and we legislate against the efforts of you and your buddies that would encroach on the rights of others... THAT'S IT!

So, deal with it. And Google persecution for the correct definition. You aren't being persecuted. You're just annoyed that everything isn't flavored Christian anymore.

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