Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chasing Writing

I recently watched "Chasing Ice". An amazing documentary that gave me more than one 'food for thought' moment. The star of this incredible piece of social artwork said something profound - "observing it, knowing it, sharing it and sharing it effectively". This was his mission and purpose in bringing the plight of Global Warming/Climate Change to the audience. It got me thinking about what I've been doing for the last two years. 
I'm not what you would call a prolific writer, but I'm always thinking and have many thoughts that lead to pieces yet to be written. Currently, there's a backlog of those waiting to see the light of day. I'll go through spurts where I could write four or five publishable pieces and then I'll go for weeks and nothing. That doesn't discourage me or stop the subjects from making themselves known. I still add them as they come to me and make notes about the direction these pieces must take. It might just be a little while before I get back to them. That's ok, for now.

Writing has been elusive to me at times, even though it's what makes me feel my most human when I'm deeply in the thick of doing it. And now, my mind keeps coming back to those key words from Chasing Ice -  'sharing it effectively'. How can I accomplish that with what is my passion, my drive, my sense of justice, my thoughts and ultimately, my writing? Because after all, my goal is about being heard; the written message and the thought process on any given subject ingested willingly by the reader. But not only do I want to be heard as I have a voice in this world just as everyone else does, but I want to be understood... clearly... always.

When they do understand, you connect. When you connect, things change. I hope that my thoughts resonate, possibly spurring people to action and maybe inspiring them to have a different thought process about some or any idea. I dream about the things bouncing around in my head being the catalyst for change(s) in the world, good shifts and positive outcomes. The world becomes a better place in my mind. When our individual influence rubs softly on those who we've connected with, then, incrementally, the pleasant and desired positivity can develop and surround a greater area. And it builds. We hopefully will continue to express ourselves and make our voices heard. Understanding leads us down a path of growth, for ourselves and those who've chosen to cross our path. I'm fortunate, I feel like I've been able to develop many good relationships because the communication between us has successfully cemented that connection. My community has grown and I'm richer for it.

My profound thoughts will continue to drive me as I look at the mechanics of writing and as I continue to be more serious about the direction of it, this will motivate me to become more effectively able to share it. As I continue that whole process will probably change. Will I still use the same formula for writing or will that readjust, too? Does the dedication and time devoted increase or will that not be necessary as my skills develop further? I do look forward to what the next level of devotion to my craft will be and what that actually means. More depth in my writing? Better analysis of the subject matter? Increased writing skill? I hope.

If I've learned one thing in the last few years, the connection I've made to writing was enabled by the connection made with other people and the deeper parts of myself. They have, in many ways, inspired me to become more open and inquisitive about our world and what I bring to it. Their feedback, their criticism and their positive words when an idea I shared touched them... that has made my writing be the best part of my humanity. And I thank them for it.

As I chase this internal desire, I look forward to who I'm bringing on this ride with me.