Friday, October 25, 2013


... you produce a product that hurts people or damages our environment knowingly... you don't care.
... your aim is to hurt someone... you don't care.
... you see that someone is hurt by your actions and it doesn't phase you... you don't care.
... the only action you take serves to benefit you while it hurts others knowingly... you don't care.
... honesty is not your first policy, in any situation... you don't care.
... you see and know something is wrong and don't act on behalf of the wronged person or introduce yourself into the situation to rectify it... you don't care.
... you know someone is counting on you and you deliberately deceive them... you don't care.
... your actions hurt anyone, any animal or anything and it creates nothing but destruction... you don't care.

We have enough of "I don't care" in our society. Turn the page, change the sentiment, let's go.

If you cared, we'd all be in a much different world. I wish you cared.


  1. Full of wisdom, could not be better said, and this sums up more wisdom than all Religious Scriptures combined, because it actually has an actual result of an action, and a meaning of an action. If you do not do this or that, you simply do not care, no matter how much you talk about it.
    And you are right. We have so few that care in this world nowadays. I hope humanity changes, sheds religion, and embraces Secular Humanism, which by proxy as a thought process DOES CARE about its fellow human beings.
    Thanks Susi. Nice post.