Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sometimes it's just too much to take...


I absolutely can't stand it when irrationality is substituted for reason.

One discussion after another and it always comes back to the same thing. Faith. Suspending rational thought for believing in something that just doesn't make any sense. But THAT is called the truth! And that is when the frustration sets in.

I have a hard time speaking to people when I come at a debate or discussion about anything regarding religion from a place of logic only to have the person I'm debating with just settle the discussion with "Well, I have faith." A more honest proclamation would be "Yeah, I know it makes absolutely no sense based on how the real world works, but I choose to believe something irrational." I would still be frustrated but at least that which does not make sense is promptly put on the table as being unreasonable.

Faith, in reality, is nothing special except for what religious cults have made it. This thing, that all knowing in my heart kind of feeling, is a substitute for accepting the reality of the real world. That's it, nothing more. And this is what is frustrating. It just doesn't make any sense to have faith in something with no evidence. Why would people choose to dump their intellect for the sake of being able to say they have faith there is a god? It's IRRATIONAL!

Mostly I can just shake my head and move on, but some nights, like tonight, reading one story after another about the state of people's minds in relation to the real world and how faith plays a part in it... well, you know... my head sort of explodes.

Hearing stories about natural disasters being god's wrath - you know he ACTUALLY had a hand in bitch slapping us because the atheists and gay people in this country are to blame! Never mind that there were perfectly innocent people suffering this wrath at the same time. Did you hear about someones brother who was miraculously pulled from a burning car, then spends two months in a coma, but yet god is the one who 'saved him'? Naturally, everyone completely disregards all the medical intervention that went into bringing him back to the land of the living. How about where children who die at the hands of their parents because child abuse somehow just says "I love you" the best?

I shake my head, my blood pressure rises and all because somewhere someone is saying "Just have faith, it's all in god's plan." All of it - it is ALL totally irrational thinking... and it does not compute.

This is the reason for AARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! Thank you for letting me vent. 

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