Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bridges of Madison County Revisited starring Christopher Hitchens

Image from ReverseShot

The look on her face is exactly how I felt upon awakening.  The movie referenced  above immediately came to mind because of the dream I experienced. Me and Christopher Hitchens torn between doing the right thing or indulging in the fantasy of our togetherness. Deep sigh....

Before all those mind-in-the-gutter people start snickering, this dream was not sexual at all, but it had the potential. What was thrilling was the possibility of sharing space with a brilliant mind, the kind that Hitch possesses. The logic he uses, the passion with which he can translate that logic into words and the sheer brilliance of his argument(s).... oh! need I go on? Of course, I do... In addition to that, the many well-written articles and books that he has shared with us in his lifetime; those all contribute to one hunk of a man! To be a partner to that - wow, that would certainly give me a 'Bridges of Madison County' like dilemma, but don't worry, I wouldn't want to give up my current relationship. Hmmm... Maybe Hitch would indulge me anyway?

There I've said it, I'm attracted to intelligence. Do not fear, my current partner understands my feelings as he is one of those intelligent people. He has seen me swoon over other brilliant minds. He doesn't get the attraction because it is not always a physical attraction, initially. But brilliance is sexy to me! It is not what they look like, it is their intense grasp and understanding of things and their ability to teach; that is what gets my pulse racing. It is not that they are more special than my love, who himself has many pulse racing attributes, but they have the ability to tap into a region of my left brain that happens to light up the animal side of the right. People who can think, reason, understand reality & logic; yes, they are sexy and the packages they inhabit, don't matter.

Now, excuse while I go back to my dream...