Thursday, August 4, 2011

Please Don't Say Anything

"He is NOT a Mormon.  Please get your facts straight before saying such hurtful things.  If he did this as a member of the LDS church, he would absolutely be ex-communicated."

I  saw this comment posted after a story ran that polygamist leader Warren Jeffs was convicted. This comment was in response to someone else's negative comment about Jeffs and the Mormons. Obviously, the person above who responded didn't agree. They got offended that someone attacked their precious religion.

The statement they made is flat-out incorrect.The LDS are Mormon, so denying it is ludicrous. The current LDS church originated in the Mormon faith, an idea that was concocted by Joseph Smith back in the 1830's. It wasn't until later that church leaders had to disassociate from all of the somewhat evil undertones, while still clinging to the so-called good bits of it, to ensure its continuation. Current believers haven't been indoctrinated with that bit of information, obviously. If those spouting their anger would crack a book and understand history a little bit, they wouldn't feel inclined to make these passionate types of statements in defense of their religion. They might even be less inclined to believe in their religion, at all, after they did.

The point is ignorance, in general, and the lack of facts will continue to evoke this kind of response from people. They will open their mouths and put something out there that is just not true, leaving educated people no other choice but to comment or correct.

Ignorant people... don't be a hater when they do.


  1. It's like saying, "We are nationalists, just like Hitler, so we are Nazis. But those racist people over there aren't 'real' Nazis. Only we are."

    Sorry sweetie. The icky bits of your doctrine do exist and adherents do get to choose to follow them because, well, it's in the doctrine you call holy.

    Perhaps you can find a way to believe in nationalism without calling yourself "Nazi?" Kind of like how some of us have learned how to live by the rule of "If you don't like being shit on, then don't shit on other people" without associating ourselves with the bible.

  2. but we never needed that to qualify how we live.