Sunday, August 28, 2011

Atheist Alphabet

An atheist...

Admires thinking and abhors willful ignorance.
Believes there is no god.
Can't understand the obsession with people wanting to believe in the supernatural.
Doesn't pray.
Expects people to open their minds.
Fornicates guilt-free. :)
Gets to sleep in on Sundays.
Has a growing support network.
Insists that you use your brain.
Just wishes that the believers would get it.
Kansan created this list. :)
Loves to educate.
Makes each day count.
Nauseates some believers, but it goes both ways at times.
Orchestrates his own destiny, hopefully with only a little interference from life.
Prison population is less than 1%. That's a fact.
Qualm? Being in any situation where religion, faith or prayers is not necessary or wanted.
Really doesn't want to be told "I'm praying for you."
Sees the world differently.
Takes the time to learn about the real world.
Understands things on an intellectual level, not a spiritual one.
Views religion as a problem, not a solution.
Will be diligent in their search for truth.
Xenophobic is REALLY scared of the strange people!
Youth and his friends will continue to advance the growth of the thinkers in this world.
Zealously engages in an active understanding of the natural world.


  1. For "X" - An atheist is...Xenophobic? Not at all. An atheist is happy and interested to meet people from all cultures.

    - Just helping out a bit. Troy

  2. i didn't say an atheist IS xenophobic, i said an atheist xenophobic is afraid of scary people. you say they may not exist, but i'm not so sure. just as christians say they are loving, we see many examples where that is not the case. :)