Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do YOU want to know what's 'Under the Kilt'?!?!?

"Under the Kilt" is filled with 12 delicious, well-written erotic stories! Each story has it's own particular flavor and every single one stirred up exquisite mental imagery in my head. The variety of characters and plots were quite creative, always keeping you guessing where the next story would lead you. All were entertaining and each story certainly had the power to put you in the mood! For those of you who enjoy really good creative erotica combined with a fluid writing style... take a peek... it is well worth the time!

You'll enjoy going from one story to the next as they are wonderfully entertaining, written with genuine humor, wildly descriptive erotic scenery, and with words that will fill your senses to the degree that you feel as if you were right there experiencing everything right along with the characters. Every story with its rich detail made me feel like a voyeur! Each story line is so much different than the last and the tone of each one leaves you feeling a different experience. Add to that, the writing is easy to follow, engaging and hard to put down. It's been a pleasure!

What a treat it would be if Tiger's Tale, Later Days Saints and Mutated States of America would be made into short films... I'm waiting Kilt! :)


  1. Ooh, haven't read any good storyline-smut in a very long time.