Friday, July 29, 2011

A Self-Led Life

Eyes Wide Open

The way I see it, life is not a mission; it is about living on life’s terms between birth and death. I deal in reality. It can be filled with struggle, beautiful moments and everything in between. This is how I face that life: Head-on, no blinders on and enjoying every delicious minute and every crappy one too. I live it to the fullest. I enjoy the good and deal with the bad while knowing that it will always present me with challenges. Those challenges are what make the ride exciting, scary but extremely worth living. Going through struggles only makes the reward of achievement that much sweeter.

The out-of-the-clouds approach to life that I choose naturally does not require a god; it requires only a desire to understand life as it presents itself to me. On my journey, I strive to make good choices with my eyes wide open and have the will to learn whatever valuable lessons present themselves to help me live my best life. My hope is that in this process I will enrich the lives of those around me who choose to share my life’s education and understanding. May my compassion for their well-being and the love that I feel for them have a positive impact on their lives. The choices they make are theirs; it is not for me to decide what they have defined as happiness for themselves.

Inner Strength, Not Manufactured Dependence

Being an atheist, I believe in myself and my abilities. Being self-led and not requiring direction from a spiritual source speaks to my independence. The humanity and compassion I share with my fellow man is something I choose; the decisions to live a moral life come from within, not gifted from an invisible spirit.

There is no evidence that there is anything beyond the life I live today, so the only option is to lead the most fulfilling life I can, every day. I do this without the help of a god, and I don’t feel empty, unsatisfied or unhappy because my choice. The times that are filled with struggle do not require me to get down on my knees and request release from my circumstances because I already look at my life’s situations from a perspective of accepting that reality. Dealing with those situations with no illusions about the exact circumstances tremendously reduces the stress level that can accompany challenging situations. Fear is a natural given when faced with distress, but keeping my thoughts and actions firmly rooted in reality will not allow that fear to become a constant factor in my reaction to those events.

You Get One Chance

Rather than dedicating myself to the man-made invention called religion, I live my life from a perspective of reality and that gives me the freedom to live my life in a way not hampered by irrational guilt, submission, fear or constant worry that I see in so many of those who believe. The love they claim to feel by being bathed in the grace of their lord is a love I feel naturally because I allow myself to experience it coming from my husband, my children, my friends and my fellow man. Love comes and is felt when I can first love myself; I embrace that love because I am worthy of receiving it.

Life does not require a god; it requires a willingness to accept my humanity while I experience all the stages of my life… my only life.

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