Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Prayers Needed!

Facebook being the open universe that it is, there is so much drivel on it along with some pretty fascinating stuff. Avoiding all the things I really don't want to see is just impossible. A person of faith recently posted this:

"Prayers needed!" One of her friends responded with - "Prayers! I just saw this! Call me!!!!"

First off, prayers don't do shit - substantive action, taking care of actual needs and personally helping with stuff does. Praying is paying lip service to the person who really needs help. I've always wondered why people would choose to pray versus actually doing something for the person in need. When I was younger and possibly believed that some guy in the sky might actually help, it was comforting to think it would be taken care of. But after growing up, using my rational mind and seeing that's not how it works, I can't stop laughing at the fact that grown people still do this. It's such an irrational way to deal with the shitty parts of life.

To a praying person, they think by doing it they are tapping in to the big guy's sympathy vein and will get whatever they need taken care of. Why would otherwise rational people think there is someone up there taking a stand and deciding that their request is deemed reasonable to be solved in the fashion of their prayer request? Because they are selfish. Yes, I said selfish.They expect that life should just be exactly how they want it to be. They are basically saying "Fuck reality, fuck dealing with life on life's terms and give me what I want... now!"

If the idea that medical intervention alone doesn't sell you on the fact that no one is answering prayers or that luck, good choices and hard work don't contribute to the outcome of all situations, then I don't know what else to tell you; other than grow up and stop fantasizing that an invisible man in the sky is running the show.

Second issue I take away from that post is when the friend, who didn't need the help, had the nerve to say 'call me!!!' - WTF?

If somebody is asking for help, even in the form of prayer, why would it be necessary for the person ASKING for help to call the person who is to give the help to the asker with the need? So, good friend of the person who needs help, you basically said 'I don't want to do shit for you'... but you really care, honestly you do. Horse shit. Talk about not stepping up. I see this time and time again;  but, yeah, the christians got the moral thing down pat and we evil heathens don't know how to be kind to our fellow man.

When I see a post about whatever bad situation a friend is going through, I usually put my two cents in about the sympathy I feel for them and ask if there is anything I can do for them. Usually there isn't anything they need but they do appreciate that someone cares. That is being supportive and if they needed anything beyond that, I would do what I could or if that wasn't a possibility, I would find out if there was someone I knew that could help them. People who believe that prayer suffices are just plain lazy, in my opinion, and offer no solution, what-so-ever.

When I do call the praying crowd out on the waste of time they offer and have no real solutions or offer productive help, a debate usually ensues. But regardless of whatever sense I am making during debates about prayer, they still think 'how's it going hurt?' IT HURTS BECAUSE IT'S NOT DOING ANYTHING OF ACTUAL VALUE!!! What part of that piece of reality don't they understand?? So, aside from being not helpful, giving false hope and comfort to someone who really might need something more to get through hitting a rough patch in life, it's the next best thing to doing something. Again... horse shit.

Then you'll get to hear 'but what about when their cancer disappeared?' and they were all better! Yeah, like the medicine they took or the surgical intervention and the skill of the surgeon didn't play any part. What about all the other cases where people didn't get better and died? The typical answer is either we don't know why god does what he does or it's all in god's plan.

Every logical, rational statement I make always gets tossed out by them and all I get to hear is the inevitable 'it's all out of my hands' way of thinking in the sphere of reality that I'm accustomed to residing in.

The debates I've had with people about the subject of praying are tedious and such a waste of time. So tedious that I frequently ask myself 'Why do I continue to do it?'  The only reason I can think of is that logical thinking and rational thought is worth fighting for in a world that has been damaged by people being irrational and illogical in solving problems. Many of faith say that we just need more prayers as we watch the world struggle to survive the climate issues, poverty, atrocities against other human beings, sex trafficking of children and women and so many more issues. Believing in a god doesn't stop those things, rational people coming up with viable solutions to stopping those tragedies from occurring does.

So, I continue to speak out... it's my way of being a catalyst for good.

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