Thursday, December 9, 2010

We've Failed the Children

Today, I read an article that got my blood boiling, once again.  This is an issue that has been in the news for a VERY LONG time... Massive child sex cover up in German catholic church implicates the pope.  Ray Garton seems to hold the same views as I do that this has been going on way too long and with very little justice happening.  Until I see some accountability, this is one issue that I will never get off my self-made podium about.

The acts committed against children by leaders of the catholic church are a cruel reminder how power believes that it has the right to take away innocence, all in the guise of doing it with the blessing of god.  Those who perpetrate these crimes are monsters... vile, despicable, evil monsters. Especially despicable are those, like Ratzinger (head hypocrite) who sees the evil and doesn't feel the need to defend the innocent.  His priority lies with his church and not the victims.  He pontificates - no pun intended, but lol anyway... that there is a moral standard he has the right to spout on and on about to his catholic sheeple and the rest of the world. Because he is allegedly second in line to the highest moral authority he has that right to, but yet, amoral behavior of the most vile kind is condoned within their cult.  The majority of sex crimes were committed on church properties and still NO SHAME!  Until this became more public and information about the cover-ups, transfers and payoffs were brought to the attention of people outside of catholic world, this seemed to be standard protocol.  The people who committed these acts and those who had direct knowledge of those crimes being committed and chose to look the other way or only protect their bottom line, were doing everything in their power to let it continue.  With the actions or rather, in-actions, it really seemed like they were saying to themselves "Oh yeah, it's just normal and okay to do this kind of thing".  WHAT??  These are punishable crimes in our society or am I missing something?  Children were sexually violated and forever changed in a way that is unacceptable to me.  There are many people who feel the same way and will continue to shake their heads in disgust at the unimaginable things done to these children and the inability and unwillingness of the catholic church to see that justice is served.

Publicity and direct scrutiny has hopefully stopped those in the church, who have a predilection for small children, but I'm guessing that I'd be dreaming.  The catholic church needs to do something besides just try to lick its own wounds and sweep the scandal under the rug.  They need take ownership of their deceit and mishandling of most of the priests and bring criminal action against those who destroyed these children’s lives, not just wish that everyone would just shut up about it and move on.

I hope that sometime soon I'll be able to see that justice is doled out, but I'm not holding my breath.


  1. Horrible, horrible crimes have been shielded by churches of one stripe or another for centuries and it's time that ended. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, not even the Pope, not even a church. If John Q. Citizen committed the same crimes, or was complicit in the commission of the crimes, admission of guilt and paying out money would not be the end of the matter for him and it should not be for a catholic priest, no matter how high his rank in the church.