Saturday, December 4, 2010

Conflict and the Newbie Blogger

Drum, drum, drumming my fingers on the keyboard trying to decide what to type. It’s always been important for me to express myself and do it well. Here now, I have an opportunity to let it all come out and be. The main objective, of course, is to just put my thoughts down on paper.. er, blog, to make sense of it all. So many things stuck in there, coherent only to my synapses, at the moment, but hopefully, expressed well enough that the viewers of my writings will be able to determine the intent of my content when it hits the pages of my own construction. This will be my therapy… and it starts now.

My normal stance in life is usually one of prepared anticipation of some sort of conflict. I’m not referring to the kind of conflict that immediately comes to mind - battling egos that create destruction, disharmony, angry voices and arguments. No, conflict to me is defined as something that will engage me to thoroughly understand what my position is and then beg me to defend it or concede to the opposing view. I generally relish it. I don’t know all the reasons why but partly because there’s always been a deep need to get at the absolute truth of everything. Success isn’t always guaranteed during that search for the truth, but I will definitely try.

I think this blog is a way for me to get at the underlying truth in subjects and facets of life that strike a chord within me at that moment. Having the outside world take a look at my ramblings might help that quest … comments on the validity or error of them, would be most welcome. I’d appreciate the opportunity to learn something in this process. Being in a small community currently, there generally are only a handful of people who enjoy “conflict” the way I do. Most tend to think that it will create disharmony and tend to shy away from any earnest conversation, when in reality, conflict is possibly the only way to keep moving forward. When you have the opportunity to confront issues, no matter what situation you’re in… work, school, family, friends, life…it gives way to solving whatever those problems/troubles/concerns may be.

So, welcome to my blog! I’d like to throw out an invite to anyone who would like to suggest a topic or two. Don't be shy! I, myself, will write whenever it moves me to write about something that has elicited an emotion within me. Looking forward to the conflict….


  1. Welcome. I will follow your posts with interest. Will be out of pocket for a little while, but will catch up with you ASAP.

  2. purdy? i was going for kinda bloody but w/ heart...notice the hearts lower right hand corner. thanks for coming, i hope i don't disappoint.

  3. YAY Susi! So glad you are expressing yourself in a positive and proactive way! I have always enjoyed journalism as a way to express oneself (e.i. writing thoughts in a book.) You actually have the guts to let the world hear them! GO BLOGGER SUSI! Maybe I should start a blog too...well, for now I will look and respond to yours! Baby steps...;)
    As someone who generally dislikes conflict, I believe you were placed in my life to help me grow and not shy away from it! We go together like Yin and Yang my dear...and I believe a higher power had a hand in our meeting:)
    So, there ya go! Let the blogging begin! LOL! Love you!