Thursday, May 14, 2015

End Times On The Horizon. For Sure This Time? It Would Seem So.

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The chants are getting louder. The crazy section is convinced we're going down! When religion feels threatened, this usually occurs. Something is going to happen, and for them it seems it can't come soon enough. Can't you tell with all that's going on around us - droughts and other devastating weather events, uprisings, Christian's being murdered everywhere, abortions happening, the atheists are getting louder, and don't forget the gays! Oh, bring back the good old days when this was a Christian Nation!!! (BTW, NOT EVER!) You know it can only mean one thing... The End Times have arrived or we're shortly before them... as predicted for the 2000th year.

The scenario of End Times obviously predestined for the evangelical community speaks of believers being set free from this terrible world, but only doom and gloom for those who would dare not believe in their god! What inerrant, bible-thumping Christians (and many shy, quite god-fearing and all loving patrons of the mystical) hope for is the exalted one will finally lay down his wrath, smite all the evil ones with banishment to that dark, hot place reserved for them... burning and blackening crispiness awaits them while the true believers are floated to the utopia in the sky or wherever the hell his kingdom supposedly is. It is a reward for their belief and a punishment for those who couldn't quite get with the program. We see it all around us, they are chomping at the bit for their righteous to finally have what they deserve; a better place above us sinners. As if the majority haven't already been lording over us since they found out how we think. 

I hate to be the buster of bubbles, but here's my take on it.

Pew confirmed recently what many have suspected. The numbers of all prominent religions, with the exception of some non-Christian faiths, are going down. The Nones are happy to see the decline in religiosity, but also to see their sector is growing, and substantially at that. Many predicted this was inevitable, but most did not expect it to occur so quickly. My own thoughts were by 2020 we'd see around 30% listed as Nones. How validating to see we are actually on track for that possibility to occur, maybe even to surpass it!

So yes, there seems to be an end, but I don't think it's quite what the religious had in mind. Those of us who do not partake of religion, however it's dressed up, and choose to not align with it for a wide variety of reasons, we are entering what seems to be the fast track to the end times of religion itself. 

When the religious frame of mind is no longer the majority, it will die out and yes, it will end. But I predict it won't be with much fanfare, it'll just go away and we can finally live in a rational world. There will be no more need for the exhaustive pointing out of the hypocrisy, the contradictions of the faith, the history of it, the illogical, and the downright willful ignorance anymore. It will be such a relief to never have to address any of it ever again.

End times will result in a sort of metaphorical Utopia, it meaning we shall finally live a progressive, natural and rational future. I say bring on the End Times now!!!

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