Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Not Changing For You

Not many people would guess this tattoo represents atheist solidarity, and standing up loudly and boldly for the cause. They think I'm quoting Pink and her song "Raise Your Glass". I'm happy when I'm able to explain. Pink is awesome, the song and what it stands for is too, but my tattoo means much more than my understanding of the lyrics - standing up for those who would be kept down by a society who would like to dictate to us how to be as individuals. It's just one part of why I got the tattoo.

I'm labelled an atheist because I don't have evidence for the existence of a god. It's an accurate description of what I've come to think based on years of research, and understanding of the history of our world. I've come to this conclusion because not believing in a god is rational and it makes sense. But it doesn't to speak to my character or what kind of person I am. 

My tattoo represents my allegiance with all those who feel keeping quiet about who they are is over. When I got that tattoo, I was done keeping my views to myself out of some sort of misplaced respect for a believers views. They proudly go on and on about their thoughts, so will I. The tattoo was just a way to remind me that I had the same rights to do what they do. 

They'll wear a cross and say God Bless. I wear my atheist t-shirts and tell them to have a nice day. Believers will Thank God! when good things happen, I'll point out why a medical intervention is most likely the cause. When bad things happen to our friends, believers will pray and I'll make sure to actually do something effective in easing my friend's sorrow. And when that tornado rips through a town and kills 180 people, I'll be sure to say nature is brutally indiscriminate rather than blame the LGBT community for the community's losses while others would say god is only punishing the sinful for their behaviors.

The point is, I'm going to stand up to the irrational, I will call out the ridiculous, and I will orate loudly for common sense and logic; whenever, and wherever it's necessary. And it's going to happen whether people like it or not. I have as much right to speak up about what makes sense as the believers have about what doesn't.

And I won't change. Especially now. Once I let myself out of the closet, going back in would never again be an option. It feels way too good to be honest to myself and others. It's freeing to fully feel that I am being myself in what I say and what I do. Staying here, staying put. Deal with it.