Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Why Do You Hate God?"

I don't hate god. I deal in reality and if I don't think something exists, I can't obviously hate it. My up-bringing certainly wasn't filled with a deity at every turn, and there was no mandatory church attendance or meals prayed over every sit down. Actually, I didn't start out thinking there wasn't a god. I did acknowledge or look for a presence that was considered god during my formative years because it was kind of my mom's thing.

What took me off track and created doubt was internal questions that arose. They kept rising up when things didn't make sense. And it happened frequently. I think I stayed with the whole 'belief in god' thing for the length of time that I did because it was the thing I was initially taught. It was a viable option, friends around me believed and I hadn't gathered enough ammunition yet to destroy the foundation previously laid for me.

So no hate, but no love either for something that has no proof. Why would believers insist it would translate to hating their god just because I have determined for myself that there is no evidence for a god's existence? Well, naturally, if your 'agin him' whatever the reason, it must be hate. It couldn't possibly be something as rational as "Hmmm, it seems I must now disregard what I've previously believed because there is not enough evidence to uphold that previously held belief." Cut and dry, let it go... no emotion, just an understanding not previously held, but now clarified. It moves one to go in a different direction with their thought process, that's it.

Again rationally speaking, believers ask yourself this question - "Why do you hate unicorns?" Obviously, you don't because you have no proof that they exist! See where I'm coming from? But the other thing is I try not to hate anything to begin with. Should there be something worth hating, believe me they'll have earned that emotion from me because of some inappropriate or horrific intentional act against me or others. In other words, it will be because they are real and their actions are real.

It seems to me, if there is any hate then it comes from the person slinging the statement or asking the question. Are they just angry that you've let go of the great one and feel the need to publicly be that person who calls you out in show of support of their god? Or maybe they are just pissed at themselves that you've left the club and are just projecting? Could they subconsciously feel jealous that you took the first step and are open about it, whereas they can't and so, dig deeper? Who knows and really, who cares?

I've made so many adjustments in my life along the way of personal discoveries and education about life, religion, people, whatever... that I'm old enough now to say, really, who cares what you think about my decisions or thought process. Especially if what I think has no bearing on any individual's life but my own, my community or the world, for that matter. My life is pretty peaceful for the most part specifically because of the thought process I employ. Life gives me a few hiccups here and there, and what some people think or feel how I should live my life is unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

Actually, I think I love your god. :P Tell them that the next time they ask, maybe it will shut them right down. At the very least it will give them a real confused look on their face. That would be fun.


  1. We atheists do experience a lot of distaste when it comes to god(s). But the simple truth is, what we dislike is the institution of religion and concept of literal belief in god(s) insomuch as it holds people hostage from reality, ethical society, etc.

  2. well said, mary. i would add, for me personally, i'm just sick and tired of being judged for my thoughts. my actions in life speak to who i am and what my character is, but just because i'm not believing in a god... i'm the bad guy? i don't think so. i just wish some would let it go.