Thursday, September 22, 2011

How To Handle Crisis

Facebook - The place where you get to read things that don't necessarily always coincide with how you think....

A couple weeks ago, I shared with my Mom a struggle I'd been having and she told me I should try "Praising God" more. She brought a book over called Pocket Praise. Basically it's a book with different Bible verses and songs to read or pray out loud to God. It's amazing the faith building and worship along with blessings and joy it's brought to me to focus on spending time each morning honestly praising God.
A while ago, I shared with my friend a struggle I'd been having and she told me I should try understanding more what got me into this position of struggle. She helped me focus on what the reality of the situation was, what I had contributed to it and what rational steps could be taken to help myself into a better frame of mind. She also told me that the more we try to understand the real world rather than hoping and wishing for things to be different, it will give us more solid footing in this world. It's amazing the comfort and also, the joy facing reality has brought me. Things are hard, reality is crappy at times, but always doing what makes sense will always give me peace.

Yeah... I like my version.

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