Thursday, September 22, 2011

God's Creations

                Do they have two souls?

                                                                                                           Is this in god's image?

God doesn't make any mistakes, right?

If there truly is a god, I'd really like to understand what he was thinking when he put in motion lives that don't resemble anything close to what the human race is accustomed to. Not only does he supposedly create all of us as spiritually flawed but then a small percentage are also endowed with these physical anomalies.

The majority of believers will tell us this is all part of god's grand plan that we are absolutely incapable of understanding. The reasons are too much for us to be able to comprehend. As with everything they can't explain, god is just mysterious.

Oh yeah, god is mysterious all right. So mysterious as to not be believed in at all.

1 comment:

  1. Even worse is the "rationale" that "God put that person here for a reason ... what a sweet personality and inspiring person he/she is..."

    Then my favorite: God is testing the person/parents/loved ones.

    Tell me, if you had a child would you, say, hack off that child's foot with a hatchet and give the child a terminal illness as a loving way to test that child's strength of character?